Jun 30, 2020
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Developed a set of breathing exercises for recovery after COVID-19

Specialists of the ReabIT medical rehabilitation group of the State Clinical Hospital named after A.K. Eramishantseva released a video with detailed instructions for everyone who had coronavirus pneumonia.

According to rehabilitologists, the complex is designed for people who recover after mild to moderate forms of pneumonia with COVID-19. Exercise is also shown to everyone who has suffered other types of pneumonia.

Performing this simple workout daily for 10 minutes will help:

  • Reduce the risk of respiratory diseases and prevent the development of complications after pneumonia;

  • To increase the vital capacity of the lungs and improve gas exchange;

  • Restore and increase breathing efficiency;

  • Train physiological patterns of exhalation and inhalation;

  • Strengthen the respiratory and axial muscles;

  • To increase the general tone and body resistance. ⠀

The authors of the complex note that the exercises are suitable for people of all ages, and also do not require special physical training and additional equipment. Each exercise is performed at a leisurely pace, lying on the floor.

Earlier, a specialist in medical rehabilitation of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Professor Galina Ivanova, reported that rehabilitation is necessary for all patients who underwent coronavirus infection. Especially it will be needed by people who have been ill with COVID-19 in moderate and severe forms. Rehabilitation should include daily breathing exercises compiled by rehabilitologists.

“According to the data of our colleagues from Italy, China, the UK, rehabilitation measures should last continuously from the moment of illness to 2-3 months, depending on the change in the patient’s condition. But this process is strictly individual. According to the experience of recovery after pneumonia and rehabilitation of patients with COPD, rehabilitation should continue under the control of clinical and laboratory parameters for up to a year, and with the development of disabling processes for a longer time, ”said the professor.

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