Sep 19, 2022
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“Determined”: Denis Matrosov on the verge of a divorce from his young wife

Actor Denis Matrosov intends to leave his third wife Olga. Surrounded by the artist, they shared that the situation in the family is difficult and it is unlikely that the marriage can be saved. The initiator of the breakup is Matrosov, because he is “tired of constant quarrels, some sometimes strange actions behind his back,” says a friend of the star of the series.

The couple has a common son, Fedor, who is 6 years old. Now his parents are fighting for his attention and in the event of a divorce, a real war will break out for him in court. Everyone wants the child to stay with him.

By the way, Denis and Olga met at one of his performances. The woman was a longtime fan of the actor, and on the day of the first communication, she presented him with mittens after the presentation, which she herself knitted. Such attention touched Matrosov, they began to communicate, and soon moved in together and got married. At the same time, Olga actively helped her husband in his career, took care of all organizational issues, and on her initiative, the Matrosov Theater was created, in which she performs many administrative functions while her husband plays on stage. So, in addition to the child, the couple has something to share.

Recall that in addition to 6-year-old Fedor, Denis has a son, Ivan, from actress Maria Kulikova, as well as two adult twin sons from his first marriage to actress Lyudmila Tatarova. True, the actor does not want to maintain a relationship with them, insisting that these are not his children. It got to the point that he demanded that Tatarov conduct a DNA examination. What ended there is not clear, but Matrosov does not take part in the life of older children.

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