Sep 15, 2021
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Details: Russian President works in a dangerous place and with a dangerous environment

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS)

News of the departure of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin self-isolation immediately became a sensation. For many, it caused a lot of questions, both from a purely medical point of view, and from a political one.

On September 14, at 11.50, a message appeared on the Kremlin’s official website about the telephone conversations between Putin and the President of Tajikistan. Emomali Rahmon:

“Vladimir Putin said that in connection with the identified cases of coronavirus in his environment, he must observe the self-isolation regime for a certain period of time. With this in mind, the President of Russia will take part in the session of the CSTO Collective Security Council scheduled for this week in Dushanbe, a meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and a joint meeting of the Heads of State of the CSTO and SCO member states via videoconference. “

The question immediately arises as to why the head of state needs any kind of self-isolation. Quite recently, during the “direct line”, Putin told the whole country that he had been vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine and urged everyone to do so. They say that the vaccine is completely safe, reliably protects against a new coronavirus infection.

Yes, experts say that the period of its effective action is not too long, about six months. Putin took the first dose of the vaccine at the end of March. In theory, now the time has come for the so-called revaccination. So why is the president going to self-isolate?

It is also unclear how the sick people can be surrounded by the head of state. All state employees were recently taken on a voluntary-compulsory basis for vaccinations. There is an ironclad rule about vaccinations in many organizations. Is it possible that among the members of the government, employees of the presidential apparatus, there were those who simply did not give a damn about all the persuasions?

Of course, a thought may arise, are they preparing the public consciousness for a new lockdown? If the president, after being vaccinated, is forced to go into self-isolation, is not this a signal for making some administrative decisions?

And completely unhappy thoughts come when you consider that the president’s self-isolation was announced a few days before the elections to the State Duma. They say, everything was fine, but as an important political event, the covid suddenly raged. Willy-nilly, various conspiracy theories may appear.

Director of the Institute of Regional Problems Dmitry Zhuravlev believes that only medical factors are hidden behind the news of the president’s self-isolation:

– It is difficult to judge why people from the president’s entourage began to get sick. Maybe someone hasn’t been vaccinated. But it may also be that, as often happens in Moscow, the vaccine worked and weakened someone’s body.

“SP”: – How strong is the discipline in the power hierarchy? Could anyone give a damn about the instruction to get vaccinated?

– This is unlikely. But the president’s entourage is not only subordinates, but also relatives and friends. I was recently invited to a congress of the Kremlin’s favorite party, so they demanded PCR tests from us, because there should be a president. And officials, security guards are checked literally as astronauts, they are all obliged to be vaccinated. But as for the personal environment, daughters, sons-in-law, famous people … Who will ask them whether they were vaccinated or not.

“SP”: – Probably, it was also incorrect to ask Lukashenka whether he was vaccinated.

In general, journalists asked me about the fact that Putin is leaving for self-isolation last Thursday, even before the visit. Lukashenka… Yes, the message on the Kremlin’s website has been published now, but I was asked about it before.

“SP”: – Could there be a political intrigue? The president goes into self-isolation a few days before the elections.

– This circumstance will not affect the parliamentary elections in any way. Now, if the elections were presidential, then Putin’s departure on self-isolation would have a very strong impact. But it is clear that the president is alive, he has authority. So the elections will be calm. Although, of course, the general mood will not improve.

“SP”: – Historical analogies with Gorbachev in Foros involuntarily come to mind …

– In the current message, it is important that Putin will nevertheless take part in the meetings of the CSTO and the SCO, albeit by video link. It will immediately show who is really in the picture. So nothing bad will happen.

If, for example, the president does not attend the first meeting of the new State Duma, and instead of video there is only sound, then there will be cause for alarm.

But let’s remember why Gorbachev ended up in Foros? Was this not an attempt to “smear” Mikhail Sergeevich? Like, the conspirators are in Moscow, and he himself is in Foros. But in the current situation, what can Putin’s isolation give and to whom?

Let’s imagine that the parliamentary elections have already taken place. Perhaps there is a group of conspirators who are isolating the president in Novo-Ogaryovo. And at the same time, no one talks about the removal of the president from power. This means that some specific actions are needed. But who is capable of what steps? In the current system, everyone in power is happy with everything.

It is unlikely that anyone in the Kremlin needs a coup.

“SP”: – What can be the term of self-isolation?

– Usually it is two weeks, the incubation period. That is, it is possible to suspect that there is a disease, but there are no obvious signs.

But I don’t believe in a coup. Our time is not like an era Khrushchev, and for the epoch Brezhnev… Everyone adored Leonid Ilyich, better than a Soviet official had never lived under him. The current elite is good, it does not need to change anything.

For a palace coup, you need to be inside the palace. But where are these actors who want change?

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