May 3, 2022
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Details about US biological laboratories in Ukraine become known

Details about US biological laboratories in Ukraine become known

Photo: Markiyan Lyseyko/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

American experts are increasingly scrupulously analyzing information about US biolaboratories published by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the United States reports this on its official resources.

“Analysts rightly ask questions. What kinds of strains were being tested in Washington-funded labs? What threat did such work pose to the civilian population?” – the message says.

Russian diplomats point out that, contrary to international obligations, the United States has retained in its legislation the norms that allow for work in the field of biological weapons; moreover, these studies are permitted with government approval.

“At the same time, the most controversial experiments from the point of view of ethics are carried out outside of national jurisdiction,” the report says.

Diplomats remind that during the Russian special operation in Ukraine, in particular, it was established that in the period from 2019 to 2021. American scientists tested potentially dangerous biological preparations on patients of the Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital No. 3 in Kharkiv. Individuals with a mental disorder were selected for the experiments, taking into account age, nationality and immune status.

The United States coordinates its work in biolaboratories in Ukraine through the Ukrainian Science and Technology Center (UNTC, which distributes research grants commissioned by the Pentagon). In recent years alone, Washington has allocated more than $350 million for these projects.

The Russian Investigative Committee stated that it would request and analyze new information announced by the Russian Embassy in the United States regarding illegal military biological activities in Ukraine, and also “take measures to identify persons who suffered from the above actions for their subsequent interrogation.”

In addition, the department reported that those involved in the creation of biolaboratories in Ukraine have already been identified.

“Analysis of the documents received made it possible to clearly identify the circle of persons associated with military biological activities in Ukraine, including representatives of the US Department of Defense and American contractor companies,” the press service of the UK reports.

The issue of ensuring biological security, including in connection with the facts of conducting military biological activities by the United States and its allies near the Russian borders, was also considered at a meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, which was held on April 27, 2022 in Astrakhan.

As the head of the Security Council Nikolai PatrushevIn the course of a special military operation, data were obtained on the creation by US military scientists in Ukrainian biolaboratories of viruses, bacteria and toxins, and, in fact, a new biological weapon.

“The active phase of the creation of biological laboratories in Ukraine under the control of the Pentagon began in 2014 – immediately after the coup d’état provoked by the United States and its Western allies, the purpose of which was to create a state hostile to our country,” the head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation stated.

According to Nikolai Patrushev, outbreaks of infectious diseases that are observed in a number of countries can be directly related to the activities of biological laboratories.

Questions about the activities of US biolaboratories both in Ukraine and around the world from the world community arise more and more often. It is known about more than 30 biological laboratories only on the territory of Ukraine, and in general there are about 300 of them around the world. Some of them are located directly at the borders of Russia – in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

Former member of the UN Commission on Biological and Chemical Weapons, military expert Igor Nikulin believes that the likelihood of the continuation of the functioning of American biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine is high. Moreover, the “leakage” of dangerous pathogens is not excluded.

– There are always some kind of leaks, especially when some kind of hostilities are activated. For 8 years in the Donbass, as soon as fighting intensifies, outbreaks of some incomprehensible diseases immediately occur. It’s all a controlled process.

“SP”: – Some of the laboratories from Ukraine, apparently, have already been evacuated, but obviously not all. Will the US take out its laboratories, or how else can they do with them?

– It depends on how events unfold. If the special operation drags on, which the West is counting on, they will keep them. If our offensive is swift, then they will have to destroy everything quickly and quickly reel in the fishing rods.

“SP”: – If the situation escalates, what is the likelihood that they will use their “achievements”?

— They can. The United States is the only country in the world that has used both nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. And they have it all.

“SP”: – There are US biolaboratories in countries that border Russia. If they have to evacuate these facilities from Ukraine, what is the likelihood of them appearing in even greater numbers both in these countries and in others that border on us?

– Quite possible. But if Russia sets a strict condition, at least to all CSTO allies, that there should not be such laboratories on their territory (up to a complete break in relations, expulsion from the organization), then maybe something will happen there. So far, our allies, for example, Armenia, Kazakhstan, somehow extremely sluggishly react, despite the fact that there is already understanding there.

Three years ago, I prepared a report for the anti-terrorist center at the CSTO on this issue, after which serious progress began. Unfortunately, the tentacles of the collective West run too deep and cannot be pulled out so easily.

“SP”: – When Ulyana Suprun was the Minister of Health of Ukraine, for example, there was a question about the measles epidemic, which had not been for a long time. This was also associated with biolaboratories.

– Firstly, sanitary and epidemiological supervision was actually destroyed there, the vaccination schedule was not observed, and American biological laboratories were working. From here went not only measles, but also rubella, polio, tuberculosis, atypical pneumonia, cholera. A whole bunch.

“SP”: – Why are countries so careless about security on their territory? As far as I remember, in Georgia, local specialists do not even have special access to the de facto American Lugar biological laboratory.

– Not a single country allows it, these are US facilities. They signed agreements for many years to come, according to which these countries, let’s call them recipients, transfer their collections of strains, give Americans access to state secrets. They also include a confidentiality clause, which means that officials are not allowed to disclose information about these programs that they have become aware of.

In fact, all these countries are under external control, in fact, they are puppet regimes and satellites of the United States. For the Americans, the most important thing is that American laws do not apply there, otherwise they will have to answer for what they have done. And if it’s somewhere out there… You can test everything on the natives.

“SP”: – Recently, information has slipped that such biolaboratories may appear in a number of countries near Russia. This is real?

– This is real. The criteria are as follows: there are natural foci of certain diseases (the same plague, anthrax, tularemia etc.), proximity to the borders with Russia and a weak corrupt government. If these three criteria exist, then this is the area of ​​US interests.

“SP”: – Where can the United States evacuate its biological laboratories from Ukraine?

– Hungary, I think, will not go for this business, it has long been becoming a black sheep in the European Union, but Poland, Moldova, Romania – this is what we need.

What does the European Union think about this topic? In my opinion, they themselves do not understand what kind of bomb they organize for themselves. This is especially true for Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic. They are also Slavs. Even southeastern Germany. We are very similar in genotype, so if there are outbreaks of some diseases, they will definitely spread to the EU countries. They should be thinking about this.

“SP”: – Now the entry into NATO of Sweden and Finland is being actively discussed, the latter has a long border with us. Can’t the Finns impose such a biolaboratory?

– I hope the Finns have enough sense, after all, the Finnish government is not as corrupt as the Ukrainian one. And they had a too long period of neutrality, therefore, even if the Finns join NATO structures, I don’t think that they will go for such crazy experiments on their territory. Although anything is possible, the collective West has been behaving very inadequately lately.

“SP”: – Recently, China has been making serious statements on biolaboratories. To what extent is this concern justified, how dangerous is this activity for the world as a whole?

— The situation with covid has already shown how serious the situation is for the world. China is surrounded in much the same way as we are. These laboratories are located in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan on the border with China, Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines. The West is waging an economic, informational and biological war against Russia, China, Iran and some other countries. This must be understood. We are in a state of hybrid biological warfare.

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