Oct 17, 2020
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Destroy "Nord Stream – 2": in Sweden named the main goal of the country

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The problem of the Russian gas pipeline has not yet been resolved, representatives of one of the parties lament

The Swedish parliament must take into account the fact that stopping Nord Stream 2 is one of the country's main goals. A document with such a statement was submitted for consideration by the Moderate Coalition Party.

Party officials endorse the EU's "firm commitment" to sanctions against Russia. However, there is also a problematic point, noted in the document "Sweden's role in the world." The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline makes Europe dependent on Russian gas, party officials lament. Therefore, the problem must be solved as quickly as possible. The party leader Ulf Christersson, who presented this document, called the halt of the project almost the main task of Sweden, reports RT.

Earlier, the position on the completion of Nord Stream 2 was once again voiced in Germany. True, they hold the opposite opinion there. The government does not consider it possible to stop the construction of the gas pipeline. The German Economy Ministry said that this issue was not even discussed. Let us remind you that controversy about the fate of Nord Stream 2 flared up with renewed vigor after the so-called poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Russia has been accused of involvement and has traditionally imposed sanctions.

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