Jan 31, 2021
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Desertion and round dances. How did the protests in eastern Russia go?

Far East

The rallies of the non-systemic opposition in the Far East gathered negligible people. In some cities, rallies at the call of the arrested politician’s associates Alexey Navalny no one came, only a few dozen people gathered somewhere. In all cities, the number of protesters has dropped several times compared to last Saturday.

The most numerous action in the Far Eastern Federal District, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was a rally in Vladivostok – according to various sources, from 60 to 200 people came to it (with a city population of more than 600 thousand). People went out onto the ice of the Amur Bay and began to dance around the stalled search and rescue boat. The ice began to crack under the protesters. The police and organizers of the action started asking people to leave the place so that no one was hurt. As a result, several dozen people were detained.

In Khabarovsk, which recently hosted weekly mass protests in support of the arrested governor Furgala, Navalny’s supporters turned out to be much smaller. Fewer than 60 people attended the uncoordinated rally.


In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, less than 30 people, or 0.01% of the city’s population (179 thousand people), took part in an uncoordinated demonstration. Magadan showed slightly more attractive statistics for navalnists. There, 0.04% of residents attended the rally, or 40 people out of 92 thousand people living in the city. There were twice as many protesters last week.


About 20 people gathered in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. One of the activists ruined the pedestal of the cannon on Victory Square. And in Chita, there were more journalists than protesters – there were only four of them.

The staunchest supporters of the opposition seem to reside in Yakutsk. There, for the second week in a row, people go out to protest in forty-degree frost. However, this time the number of protesters fell. On January 23, there were fifty of them, now it is two times less. In Blagoveshchensk, the “all-Russian action” was completely ignored this time. Nobody came to Victory Square. The city is home to 226,385 people.


Siberia and the Urals

Several dozen people came to the rally in Krasnoyarsk and began to dance around the city’s main Christmas tree. True, the protesters were clearly not enough to complete the round dance, so they simply walked around the Christmas tree in a chain.

At a rally in Tomsk, police detained a deputy of the city Duma Artem Kanareva (Yabloko) and independent deputies Ksenia Fadeeva and Artem Fateeva

In Chelyabinsk there were clashes with the police. The police tried to block the path of the march, the protesters tried to break through it. As a result, several dozen people were detained.

In Ufa, according to various sources, from several hundred to 2 thousand people gathered. They went from the Youth Palace to the House of the Republic. The police carried out pinpoint detentions of the participants in the unauthorized action.

The most numerous was the protest action in Yekaterinburg. There, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 2 thousand protesters gathered, according to the organizers of the action – more than 5 thousand.

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