Nov 6, 2021
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Description of luminaires from Lightstar

Description of luminaires from Lightstar

A wide range of chandeliers and lighting fixtures from the manufacturer Lightstar allows you to choose a lamp that suits your interior design needs.

Good indoor lighting is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. When buying lighting devices, the following are taken into account:

  • area of ​​the room;
  • Interior Design;
  • ceiling height;
  • luminous flux distribution;
  • the location of the lamps.

Only reliable solutions should be used. For example – such as those offered by the Lightstar company.

About the brand

The Lightstar Group is going through one of its peak periods of development. The activity is based on the production of high-quality lamps of various configurations, colors and styles. Experts preserve the traditions of design thought, combining them with technologies that set market trends. This allows you to solve complex problems related to planning lighting in rooms of different design, functionality and purpose.

The company started its activities in 1994. Then the first workshop of the brand was opened in Italy. Already in 1998, production was expanded by founding a factory. The entry to the international market took place several years later. The first representative office of Lightstar Group in the Russian Federation was opened in 2001. Recently, in 2014, the registration of the corresponding trademarks took place and the brand gained popularity with recognition.

Lightstar is a reflection of the Italian art of the last decades. She is not afraid of experiments, strives for development and follows her own innovative path. The models reflect classic shapes, lush designs, and the general pomp inherent in Italian culture.

Lightstar chandeliers are constantly presented at lighting, construction and furniture exhibitions. The brand’s products appear on television programs dedicated to interior renovation and construction. If the equipment of the company is used on television, this indicates the presence of trust in it on the part of experts.

Features of chandeliers

It is impossible to imagine a room without lighting devices. These are not only functional devices, but also devices with which you can:

  • zoning the room (for example, separating the work area from the recreation area);
  • focus on interior details;
  • create the right atmosphere.

Therefore, chandeliers are often perceived as design elements that are required to complement the interior in the chosen style.

Lightstar lamps

Wall lights Lightstar allow you to create a special atmosphere in the room, as well as add coziness. If you need to divide the room into functional areas, you need to pay attention to the Lightstar recessed luminaire. They have a pleasant soft glow. Often they are used to illuminate the dining area. This luminaire creates more light by adding warmth to the environment.

Wall lights Lightstar

LED luminaires Lightstar are used to visually expand rooms with small dimensions. With the right lighting, designers can visually expand the area of ​​a room by increasing the usable space. Overhead spots are used to create original compositions. Their purpose is to highlight specific interior elements. We are talking about figurines, paintings, photographs, vases and niches. In this case, the use of free-standing lighting devices is allowed – as independent decorative items.

Surface mounted lightstar

Surface mounted lightstar Is a decorative electrical appliance. Uses replaceable LED or halogen bulbs as a light source. Deliberately illuminates the desired areas of the interior. Can be directed to poster hanging on the wall, family photo collage, decorative stucco, etc.

Spotlights Lightstar

Spotlights Lightstar suitable for all interiors, regardless of their style. If we are talking about a room in the Art Nouveau, eclectic or loft style, it is necessary to supplement the room with one of the following brand series:

  • “White”;
  • “Difano”;
  • Ovio.

Lovers of classic interiors and romantic lighting should focus on more discreet lighting fixtures. These include “Corno”, “Difano”, “Fiore”. The models of these series are made in the style of minimalism. But they look more elegant and original than lamps from other collections.

Innovative light sources and technological progress of recent years have allowed the creation of the collections “Scarabeo”, “Turbio”, “Spider”. The series stand out for their modernity and unusual appearance. Suitable for high-tech interiors, minimalism, etc.

An interesting design solution is the Lightstar LED chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps, made in white. They create contrasting compositional solutions that capture a person’s gaze and do not let him go for a long time. These kinds of things look good in spacious rooms with few pieces of furniture.

Among the novelties, it is worth highlighting the models from the “Cardano” collection. They are gimbal luminaires that are built directly into building structures. A wide selection of such models helps to decorate the interior and make it unique.


The range of the Italian company Lightstar includes not only classic, but also innovative models of ceiling chandeliers and a variety of lamps. The number of products is constantly expanding, so customers can choose the options that best suit them.

Hanging chandelier Lightstar

Hanging chandelier Lightstar works using traditional incandescent or LED bulbs. The range of the Italian brand includes:

  • chandeliers;
  • desk lamp;
  • floor lamps;
  • lamps;
  • spots;
  • sconces.

It is worth considering the fact that in the company’s product catalog you can find models of different styles and designs. Therefore, the Lightstar chandelier will become a decoration of any interior. Designers think over the models to the smallest detail, taking into account the trends of fashion and technology.

Moisture protection

If you need Lightstar luminaires, before buying, you need to pay attention to the marking of the degree of protection against moisture. It is about the ability to prevent the ingress of water into the device. For the assessment, international standards are used, which are unified. This allows you to compare the characteristics of products of different brands.

The degree of protection (or – IP) is assigned to all lighting and electrical devices, regardless of their functional purpose. The assembly method and accessories are taken into account.

Distinguish between degrees of protection:

  1. IP20. Lighting devices with this parameter can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, corridors of apartments or private houses.
  2. P44. The devices are installed in bathrooms, saunas, kitchens, greenhouses, as well as some other rooms in which high humidity is observed.
  3. IP54. This indicator of the level of moisture protection is used in electrical equipment.
  4. IP55. Provided at the stage of production of electrical panels, cabinets.
  5. IP65, IP67, IP68. These are the highest levels of moisture protection. As a rule, they are required for luminaires that must be resistant to the effects of atmospheric precipitation or bulk water (for example, when submerged under water).

Lightstar brand products comply with all international standards. The IP designation is indicated on the equipment packaging. In this case, the first indicator indicates the level of obstacles to dust ingress, the second – moisture.

Surface-mounted, wall-mounted and also Lightstar ceiling chandeliers have the highest degree of electrical safety. The brand’s products are distinguished by thoughtful design, using the latest high-tech solutions. This made Lightstar popular in Russia and Europe.

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