Sep 8, 2021
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Deripaska predicted two more crushing waves of covid for Russia

Photo: Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska

In the photo: Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska (Photo: Sergey Savostyanov / TASS)

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, over 221 million people have been infected worldwide. Most of the infected are in the United States (40 million), followed by India (33 million) and Brazil (20.8 million). Russia, which currently has 7 million patients with coronavirus, ranks seventh on this list. But it seems that the situation will change dramatically for the better soon, one cannot expect.

At least, this is the opinion that representatives of large domestic business adhere to.

In particular, back in February of this year, the founder of the world aluminum giant RUSAL Oleg Deripaska warned – Russia will be able to return to normal life after the COVID-19 pandemic, at the earliest in May 2023, and before that it will have to go through a number of difficult stages.

Now the businessman has gone even further and said that the whole world will have to go through two more waves of the rise in the disease of a new coronavirus infection.

“Unfortunately, we are still very far from the postkoid era. Countries have abandoned tough measures to combat covid, relying on vaccinations. As a result: while one half of the population was vaccinated, the second lost immunity, and at least two more waves await us. And if not the lockdown and the closure of the borders, and no one wants to do this, we will face difficult trials, ”he stated in his telegram account.

At the same time, Oleg Deripaska drew attention to the fact that infection with new strains of the virus causes serious complications, therefore, it is necessary to understand how to help the elderly and people with weakened immunity. In his opinion, the process of recovering from a previous illness may take more than one year, and this, in turn, will increase the burden on insurance companies.

As a result, unsecured issues will lead to a serious increase in inflation, and the role of banks will become fundamentally different, and this new monetary policy will have to be followed by everyone.

Against this background, a question arises to large Russian business in the person of Mr. Deripaska – why do he make statements that, according to the logic of things, should be made at least by members of the Russian government or, at worst, analysts invested with his full confidence?

Are not the oligarchs, sorry, big businessmen are now the main actors in all key processes in our country?

– Judging by the fact that at the moment all our main socio-political and economic players have somehow quieted down, I personally come to the conclusion that there is a calm before the storm in Russia, that is, before an obvious economic collapse, – shared with the “SP” your vision of the situation Head of the Laboratory of Political and Social Technologies Alexey Nezhivoi… – The ordinary population, in his premonition, has already begun to live according to the principle “but burn it all with a blue flame, it would be more likely.”

As for Mr. Deripaska specifically, since he has always been tied with the corresponding foreign political and economic clans, the plans of these very clans, in fact, are voiced. And it is already becoming obvious that they themselves are increasingly switching over to the “burn it all with a blue flame” mode. Whoever is lucky enough to survive after this flame will be the demiurge of the new world.

“SP”: – Accordingly, extrapolating this alignment to Russia, we can conclude that the steering wheel of the country was intercepted by just those representatives of big business who are similarly associated with those same overseas political and economic clans? Why are the supporters of the Kremlin’s “power tower” not active? Or are they simply not there?

– It is very likely that they really do not exist. All the main actors in economic and, consequently, political processes have sat down, as they say, in a wait-and-see attitude. And, I suppose, they are biding their time within the framework of the transfer of power.

We now clearly see that in this process the main role is claimed, in particular, by Sergei Shoigu… It turns out that the same “power tower” of the Kremlin is included in Operation Successor, but its appearance looks more and more strange. Because I personally would not exclude Mr. [Сергея] Naryshkina

“SP”: – And what about our business? After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that all large Russian business is somehow connected with certain political figures? Since officially we have no oligarchs in our country, which of the entrepreneurs will now “make the economic weather in Russia”?

– Answers should be sought, realizing that the oligarchy itself is just an instrumental pyramid for pumping out national wealth, mediated by this or that person.

Remember one road accident eleven years ago, when a Mercedes S-class collided head-on with a Citroen on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow, as a result of which both the driver and passengers of the latter died. Who owned the executive car? Who was there? Someone Anatoly Barkovbehind which on the sidelines has long been a trail of “untouchable security officer.”

Remember, for example, the former MOST group. In addition to Gusinsky her leadership included a well-known in the power structures Philip Bobkov… And if you recall the same “YUKOS”, then an equally well-known “silovik” played an important role in its apparatus. Alexey Kondaurov

Now we have exactly the same theme. Only those business representatives who are in one way or another connected with the notorious “family” and Western clans are developing the most activity. And the rest have bitten their tongues and are not at all eager to actively crawl out into the public from the current undercover bulldog fight for tidbits in the upcoming new coalition. However, soon after the upcoming parliamentary elections, I believe, one way or another, it will all the same splash out into the public space.

“SP”: – In your opinion, it turns out that now even super-influential persons from the top management of “Gazprom” and “Rosneft” have no special influence on anything?

– I personally have not seen an active presence in the public space for a long time, say, Mr. Sechin, Miller, or, suppose, Patrushev or Chemezova… How many of them were mentioned earlier in public, and now there is silence. So, if necessary, someone somewhere episodically sounds, and disappears.

I get the feeling that everyone, figuratively speaking, has sat down in a bunker, and are waiting for the world to turn at a crossroads. No one wants to take the initiative so as not to frighten off the formation of new coalitions.

“SP”: – If you compare the top politicians – with the captains, and big businessmen – with the captains’ mates, then one gets the impression that our ship was left without control at all?

– According to my feelings, our ship is now just drifting, and very bad, given the economic situation and the deteriorating situation of the population.

The same Deripaska persistently talks about the upcoming world waves of covid, but, as it seems to me, this, to put it mildly, is not entirely appropriate from the point of view of common sense. Our previous waves almost completely ground up the economy, but here they predict the same thing again and again.

And without that, our population is barely surviving on loans that have already reached unprecedented levels. If (or rather even – when) this bubble nevertheless bursts, then, I believe, the process of our complete desocialization will begin, in the crucible of which our entire political and economic elite will perish. Which, I am sure, will not be able to live in a new way, but still hopes for it.

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