Jul 31, 2020
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“Derbanat Russia”: the economist described the policy of the Ministry of Finance

The decision of the Ministry of Finance to extend the possibility of withdrawing dividends abroad without taxes indicates that the caste of the elite continues to "derail Russia." This was stated by economic observer Yuriy Pronko.

So he commented on the decision taken after discussion with business to leave the right to apply a zero rate instead of 13% on dividends to a foreign company until 2024, if the actual right to them belongs to tax residents of Russia.

Ordinary citizens - an increase in taxes, rebounds and other fees. Chosen ones - special conditions for the withdrawal of money from Russia, - quotes Pronko site of the TV channel "Tsargrad".

The journalist recalled that “the Ministry of Finance was very quickly turned around when the retirement age was raised”. At the same time, he urged to name at least one country, “where the 'elite' turned it into a 'rotational village'”.

Earlier, as wrote, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin expressed the opinion that one can argue for a long time about wealthy people, raising questions about the transfer of accumulated capital and the nationalization of wealth. However, he noted, the people are given a share in the form of taxes, the payment of which is mandatory. The Prime Minister also noted that he is happy when someone gets rich.

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