Sep 6, 2021
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Deputy Yevgeny Fedorov’s response to threats from Kazakhstani activists

Kazakh activists made a scandalous statement. Murat Mukhamedzhanov and Nurzhan Altayev threatened Russian deputies with death.

Several deputies of the Russian State Duma were threatened in connection with the “encroachment on the territory of Kazakhstan”. The statement was written by the chairman of the Kazakh “Union of Veterans” Murat Mukhamedzhanov and the head of the unregistered party “El Tiregi” Nurzhan Altayev. What they said is actively replicated in social networks.

The so-called social activists believe that Russian deputies hope to seize the lands of Kazakhstan. In particular, charges were brought against Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Vyacheslav Nikonov, Pavel Shperov and Yevgeny Fedorov. Mukhamedzhanov said he would guarantee the deputies “two meters of silence, two meters of depth.”

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