Oct 12, 2021
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Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic criticized the idea of ​​removing Zeman from power

The proposal to hold a meeting of the commission, during which a decision can be made to remove Czech leader Milos Zeman, is insensitive, premature and tasteless, Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlicek told reporters.

In addition, according to him, this initiative represents political pressure and is dictated by the desire of some politicians to declare themselves.

Earlier, the head of the constitutional commission Zdenek Graba announced a meeting, during which the senators will consider the removal of the Czech president from his duties if Zeman is unable to fulfill them due to illness.

Graba explained that if the head of state cannot fulfill his duties due to his health condition, the activities of constitutional institutions will be paralyzed.

Czech President Milos Zeman is in the hospital. The health condition of the 77-year-old politician deteriorated on Sunday, from his residence in Lanach he was taken to the Prague military hospital. Milos Zeman’s diagnosis has not been disclosed.

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