Oct 12, 2020
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Deputy of the State Duma proposed to include mental health care in the national project

Member of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, psychiatrist Boris Mendelevich called for the creation of a federal program for mental health in the country and its inclusion in the national project. According to him, at the moment, psychiatry is "on the margins of health care."

“No serious financial resources are allocated for its development. In addition, there is no large-scale strategy for the treatment and identification of mentally ill patients, ”Mendelevich noted. He added that a person's mental health is perhaps even more important than physical health.

Over the weekend, a tragedy was reported in the town of Pushkino near Moscow, where the mother was detained on suspicion of the brutal murder of her four-year-old son. The woman was unable to explain to investigators what caused the murder.

According to Mendelevich, this situation is not a precedent. “Mental illness often develops in people under the influence of seemingly incomprehensible reasons. For example, a disease can be a response to internal stress that is not visible to outsiders, ”he said.

The politician also noted that Russians rarely go to psychiatrists, although it is very important to contact a specialist at the very moment of the onset of the disease.

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