Oct 19, 2021
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Deputy of Rada Rabinovich: without Russia’s help Ukraine faces a “catastrophe” with heating


Deputy of Rada Rabinovich: without Russia's help Ukraine faces a
News agency “Kharkov”.

The People’s Deputy noted that the desire of the Kiev authorities to meet with the leadership of Russia is explained by the problems that Ukraine will face in the near future. According to him, we are talking about the fact that Nezalezhnaya risks ruining the heating season with a miserable amount.

Kiev understands that it will not be possible to provide residents of the country with a sufficient volume of gas and heat in winter. Therefore, the leadership of Ukraine is trying in every possible way to get out of the situation by reaching an agreement with Russia.

“A catastrophe is imminent, and realizing this, the authorities are frantically trying to meet with Putin, with Miller, with Macron. Yes, I understand that fighting is going on in the country, but the opposition went to Moscow [в 2020 году], agreed to buy gas for Ukraine on favorable terms. Well, curse her, just buy gas for $ 175 and thereby save the whole country! ” – urged Rabinovich on the air of one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

The parliamentarian stressed that they will not talk to Vladimir Zelensky in the Kremlin. The Ukrainian side stubbornly ignores the terms of the Minsk agreements and does not fulfill its obligations to normalize the situation in Donbass, so it makes no sense to negotiate with it.

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