Feb 19, 2021
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Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Grushko commented on the development of a new NATO concept

Russia, if necessary, will take additional measures of a military-political and military-technical nature to ensure its security. This opinion in a conversation with TASS was expressed by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, commenting on NATO’s decision to develop a new concept aimed at containing Russia and China.

According to the diplomat, such intentions of the alliance do not contribute to the strengthening of either European or Euro-Atlantic security.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation noted that the factor of “threat from the East” is used to maintain unity in the alliance itself, which, according to Grushko, “has recently been giving serious cracks.”

Earlier announcements to update NATO’s concept appreciated in the State Duma. Dmitry Novikov, the first deputy chairman of the Duma committee on international affairs, said that there was nothing new in them, since the Russian Federation had long been designated an enemy of the West.

Recall that on the eve of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reported that the new strategic concept of the alliance will be aimed at containing China and Russia.

According to him, the current document, adopted in 2010, does not take into account the deterioration of relations with Russia and the strengthening of China. In particular, Stoltenberg accused the Russian Federation of aggressive actions against its neighbors.

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