Oct 28, 2020
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Deputy Foreign Minister assessed Europe’s reaction to Putin’s proposal for the INF Treaty

European partners, which are trying to brush aside the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the INF Treaty, are demonstrating an irresponsible approach to the security of the continent. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov.

According to him, Putin’s proposal is dictated by the desire to make sure that new “missile crises” do not arise in Europe. As Ryabkov said, the level of seriousness of the proposals voiced by the head of state requires that they be thoroughly studied.

The depth of these proposals requires fundamental understanding, this is a reflection of the mood of the Russian leadership to find a way to stabilize the military-political situation in Europe in terms of preventing the emergence of new “missile crises” there, – quotes RIA Novosti Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation.

At present, the stakes on this issue are extremely high, Ryabkov noted, and those who try to dismiss Putin’s proposals are demonstrating irresponsibility to the problem of European security in general and to their own security.

Earlier, Russia offered the United States to extend the Treaty on Measures to Further Reduce and Limit Strategic Offensive Arms for one year and is ready, together with the United States, to make a political commitment to “freeze” the number of nuclear warheads held by the parties for this period.

On October 26, President Vladimir Putin announced his readiness not to deploy 9M729 missiles for the Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system in the European part of Russia. According to US representatives, this type of weapon violates the INF Treaty.

As reported, Ryabkov believes that the likelihood of reaching an agreement with the United States on the extension of the Treaty on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms remains questionable.

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