Sep 14, 2020
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Deputy corps. United Russia team in Novosibirsk got a high result

Experts give their assessment to the last Single Voting Day. Thus, the speaker and head of the United Russia faction in the Council of Deputies of Novosibirsk noted the high level of trust shown to the candidates from the faction. The party, in his opinion, solved its main task at the elections in the region, retaining the majority in the city council.

“In the elections to the Council of Deputies of Novosibirsk, 23 candidates nominated United Russia"... Three deputies, who ran for self-nomination, announced their entry into the United Russia faction. Among them, for example, Andrey Gudkovsky (former Minister of Regional Policy) ", - told the media Dmitry Asantsev.

He noted that now negotiations are underway to join the faction and other winning self-nominated candidates. “Thus, according to our forecasts, the union of the United Russia in the Council of Deputies of Novosibirsk of the new convocation will number from 27 to 29 people”, - emphasized Asantsev.

“We faced the main task - get the majority in the city council, we have fulfilled this task. I assess the election result for United Russia positively ", - summed up the deputy.

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