Oct 29, 2021
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Deputy Amosov: the draft budget of St. Petersburg for 2022 requires adjustments


Deputy Amosov: the draft budget of St. Petersburg for 2022 requires adjustments
Federal news agency
Stepan Yatsko

The parliamentarian became the only one who voted against the draft in the first reading. The leader of the Just Russia faction Marina Shishkina supported the new budget with reservations, the Yabloko deputy Boris Vishnevsky pointed out the lack of transparency in some articles, 43 people supported the project, five abstained.

In an interview with Nevskiye Novosti, Amosov said that the budget provides for financing schemes for various projects that involve the creation of unobvious hidden debts. We are talking about a public-private partnership scheme, in which companies will invest in certain projects, and they will be returned from the city treasury. As an example, he cited the Chizhik tram, which costs St. Petersburg several times more than Gorelectrotrans.

“This part of the budget is closed, incomprehensible and unexplained for the deputies. And now, almost the same scheme of financing of private bus carriers is added to it, which will buy buses for their own money and will carry our citizens along social routes. Funding will come not from travel tickets, but from the city budget. The fare from citizens will go straight to the budget, ”the parliamentarian explained.

He noted that under such a scheme, private partners do not have to do their job well if the money for their services has already been planned in the budget. However, the key problem is the lack of a document that would fix the city’s debt obligations to partners.

Amosov stressed that the draft budget needs revisions and adjustments, which will be reported to the mayor of St. Petersburg. At the same time, he commented on the positive assessment of the document by the majority of deputies, saying that it is difficult to vote “against a barrel of honey”, since the budget has been increased.

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