Apr 29, 2022
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Departure: Chubais changes dumplings for ravioli

In the photo: Anatoly Chubais

In the photo: Anatoly Chubais (Photo: Gavriil Grigorov / TASS)

Anatoly Chubaishastily left Russia at the end of March, is not going to return to the country. The last time the former head of Rosnano was seen in Istanbul. But it turned out that he did not need the Turkish coast, he needed another land. And as you know, this is Italy.

The fact that Anatoly Borisovich settled somewhere in the Pyrenees, TASS was told by an anonymous source from his entourage.

According to this person, Chubais left Russia on a private jet and “for some time” was in Turkey. He then “flew to Europe, and, according to preliminary data, is currently in Italy, where he has property.” The interlocutor of the agency also

said that the ex-head of Rosnano does not plan to return to Russia to testify in the Khamovniki Court of Moscow in the case of the theft of property from him for 70 million rubles.

Recall that we are talking about the estate in the village of Peredelki, the main defendant in the case is the former business partner of Chubais, the head of the Swiss SFO Concept AG Ilya Suchkov. The hearing was to be held on Wednesday, April 27, but due to the absence of the injured party and one of the witnesses, the meeting was postponed to May 25.

TASS turned to Chubais himself for comment. However, representatives of Anatoly Borisovich refused to answer questions about his whereabouts and position in the framework of the case.

A little over a month ago, Russian social networks and telegram channels spread the news that Chubais resigned from his position as Special Representative of the President of Russia for Sustainable Development (he has held it since December 2020) and together with his wife Avdotya Smirnova left Russia.

In early April, the couple was seen in one of the Istanbul restaurants in the company of an actress Paulina Andreevadirector’s wife Fyodor Bondarchuk. But then the traces of the married couple Chubais-Smirnova were lost.

And here is the news: Anatoly Borisovich is in Italy and is not going to return.

It turned out that the theft of property in Russia does not really bother him. Ownership in Italy, apparently, allows you to ignore such a “trifle”.

Another question is why is he so sure that this property will not be taken away from him?

In the West (including Italy) it is now a new fun to find and seize the property of wealthy (and not only) Russians. This is being done by a special power unit of the Italian Ministry of Finance – the Financial Guard, which has already seized the assets of our citizens for almost a billion euros.

Businessmen have already lost their Italian property Alisher UsmanovTV presenter Vladimir Solovyovex-deputy of the State Duma Oleg Savchenkoas well as a Formula 1 driver Nikita Mazepin and his father. Owner of Severstal Alexey Mordashova and founder of the investment fund Volga Group Gennady Timchenko selected yachts. But the Italian authorities were especially cynical towards the head of Rosneft Igor Sechindepriving him of the order he received for helping victims of the earthquake in L’Aquila (2009).

Against this background, Chubais’ hasty flight to the West looks, to some extent, even reckless. Was there any point in breaking loose if in your homeland for so many years everything was in “chocolate”?

However, something else is more interesting, is it worth expecting that, having settled abroad, Anatoly Borisovich will begin to conduct political activities against Russia and its leadership?

To comment on the situation, “SP” asked Deputy Director of the Center for Historical Expertise at RUDN University, political scientist Boris Yakemenko:

– It will definitely lead. Few, probably, paid attention to the very remarkable video of the fugitive Khodorkovsky, in which the former co-owner of Yukos, when the special operation in Ukraine had just begun, publicly addressed, in his words, to his “comrades”. He called there Gref, Chubais and many others, and demanded to determine their position. Otherwise, said “we are enemies.”

It turns out that until now these people have remained friends?

Even if some were formally for Russia, others were against it. In fact, they have always been together.

That is, the issue of corporate solidarity, they had it above any state goal. Actually, like a hangout of the so-called creative elite.

And the only option now to achieve the preservation of their property in the West and some kind of recognition by the local establishment is a public renunciation of Russia and Putin. There are no other options.

They are all now begging for their yachts and mansions, by total denial of any ties with the homeland and power.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Chubais now takes out some documents and starts proving that he has always only harmed Russia. Because they won’t let you save the “acquired” in another way.

Thus, they will force them to obey themselves, and will run on a leash. And so Chubais will definitely play by their rules. Moreover, he understood everything long ago, when his “shares” began to fall. It was then, I think, that everything was transferred abroad, and the departure was only a matter of time.

But if he ran just like that, he would become a state criminal, a corrupt official. And now he is a man who has shown “his civic position.” Like, he left, “because I can’t be in a country that kills civilians in Ukraine.”

“SP”: – He, it seems, did not make any statements on this score …

– Understand. But he has to make them. It simply won’t be otherwise. Not to mention that here we do not need any extra evidence in order to understand that this man has always worked against Russia. This man is the last of the surviving team Gaidarwhich in the 1990s destroyed the country and killed millions of people.

Chubais is a symbol of the catastrophe that happened to our country. Therefore, it is quite clear that he had no other option.

“SP”: – At the same time, for so many years he was unsinkable and held high positions, although people began to hate him immediately after his voucher privatization.

– That’s a very difficult question. For some reason, some part of our political elite had a firm belief that it was possible to recruit a traitor, and he would turn his technical skills towards the state. If you give him more money and everything…

Therefore, people of a similar type were invited to our state channels.

For a long time it was believed that these people are much more reliable – for some reason, our TV channels were distrustful of true patriots. It was a completely dislocated logic.

I am very glad that today this logic no longer works. I hope that this is a very serious revolution in the social thinking, let’s say so, of our government.

“SP”: – I would like our competent authorities to figure out what kind of damage these gentlemen inflicted on our state. And what about Chubais?

– Probably, he can be put on the wanted list. But in no case, as far as is known, he is accused as an accused.

There is a parallel with Khodorkovsky here. When he was in prison, he was tirelessly supported here. When he moved to the West, his servants, who receive money from him, still sit here – this can be judged by how quickly he receives all the insides from here.

But this, of course, is a question for our special bodies. Because if Chubais is brought up now, he can name such names from the current “patriots”, which will not seem like much to anyone.

Only I would very much like this movement to be more decisive. Otherwise, what will we say to those people who will return from the war. They will win there, but here it turns out that all this liberal-pacifist rubbish is in place. And no one touches them.

Therefore, again, the main question is where the people who told them are sitting: “Guys, do not be afraid, everything is fine. Continue”?

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