Apr 19, 2021
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Denture Care for Beginners

Denture Care for Beginners

More than 15% of people over the age of 40 wear removable dentures. As well as on the teeth, over time, plaque from tea and nicotine, tartar and stains form on them, so dentures require no less care than natural teeth.

There are, of course, effervescent tablets for cleaning dentures. But the prices for them bite, and today no one has extra money, let alone pensioners.

This has led many denture wearers to look for cleaning alternatives to special pills.

To prevent diseases of the oral cavity, dentures should be removed and cleaned daily, the more often the better.

After eating, dentures are recommended to be washed in running water.

Over time, in the grooves between the teeth, on the inner surfaces of the prosthesis, stubborn stains can form, especially if you often drink coffee, tea, and red juices.

To eliminate them, a mixture of tooth powder and soda is suitable.

Apply it to your toothbrush to clean your denture daily.

Pure tooth powder is softer and contains fewer abrasive particles, but it may not cope with dense plaque.

If the baking soda and tooth powder are no longer able to cope with plaque, then you can use a chemical cleaning method.

Take a bowl where you can pour the vinegar solution. It must be large enough to completely cover the prosthesis with fluid.

Mix one part water with one part white vinegar. Do not use apple cider, wine, balsamic or any other vinegar, as its aroma can be transferred to the dentures, which is not always pleasant.

Be sure to check with your dentist before using vinegar. Prolonged use of vinegar as a cleaning solution can negatively affect the metal parts of partial dentures.

Soaking dentures daily for 15 minutes in a vinegar solution will prevent plaque build-up without harming the metal clips.

If the denture has already formed hard dental deposits, soak it in a vinegar solution overnight. This will soften the tartar enough that it can be easily cleaned off the next morning.

Try soaking dentures in vinegar for 15 minutes every day and one night once a week. This is to prevent tartar buildup.

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