Jun 17, 2022
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Dentists sent letters to obese patients that they considered offensive

abusive letters from dentistsPeople who treat their teeth at the Hove Family Dental clinic (Hove, East Sussex, England) were offended when they received a message from doctors.

abusive letters from dentists

Dentists regretted that they would not be able to continue to care for patients weighing more than 127 kilograms.

abusive letters from dentists

Hove Family Dental is ready to explain the difficult decision. Overweight patients have broken dental chairs worth around £20,000 twice now. In addition, some visitors have to be assisted in getting into a chair – and here the health and safety of nurses, who are not responsible for providing such services, are at risk.

abusive letters from dentists

But all the excuses of the doctors were recognized as excuses, unable to make amends for the insult. In addition, since 2010, the so-called Equality Act has been in force, obliging service providers to provide their services to any person with a disability. So there is a fear that the confrontation between dentists and people weighing more than 127 kilograms is just beginning.

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