Jun 19, 2022
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Dental clinic staff dress up in cosplay outfits to relax patients

cosplay in the dental clinicDr. Yoji Yukawa, a dentist at the Akiba Dental Clinic (Tokyo, Japan), knows full well how much some people fear dentists.

cosplay in the dental clinic

To stop patients from experiencing unbearable fear, Mr. Yukawa is ready to take unusual measures.

cosplay in the dental clinic

For example, he dresses nurses in costumes that are much more suitable for cosplay. It is believed that such a somewhat frivolous atmosphere will relax visitors and relieve them of negative emotions at least a little.

cosplay in the dental clinic

By the way, the doctor is sure that a good dentist should not only treat the patient’s teeth, but also be able to sincerely talk with a person – this will also help the patient stop being nervous.

cosplay in the dental clinic

True, Mr. Yukawa is thinking about heart-to-heart talks, because he still does not know how to provide such a service in the clinic and how such an “additional procedure” will be formalized and acted upon.

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