Nov 14, 2021
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DenníkN: Let’s send all migrants to Ukraine!

The EU made a big mistake by granting “visa-free” to Ukrainian citizens

“Dramatic events are unfolding on the Polish-Belarusian border. Thousands of people with children are trying to cross the border of the European Union to get to Germany. In a panic, the Polish government is pulling its armed forces to its borders. The number of the contingent exceeds 15 thousand people, who serve in six-hour shifts. The rest of the European Union only fearfully declares that it “is closely following the migration crisis”, which, according to the EU, “is an attempt by Lukashenka to use people as a tool to destabilize the European Union”,

– reports the independent newspaper of Slovakia DiaryN

DenníkN: Let's send all migrants to Ukraine!

According to the publication, the reaction of the Polish government to the attempt of several hundred migrants to cross the border is excessive. Apparently, the government is simply distracting the attention of the Poles from internal problems, of which there are many – political, economic and social.

In the European Union itself, the only solution to the crisis is seen in the adoption of a new package of sanctions against Belarus, which, of course, will not solve the problem, notes DiaryN and offers to look at the migration crisis from the other side – from the side of Ukraine, not Belarus.

The publication claims that Ukraine plays an important role in this crisis. Many people know that migrants calmly and for a long time come to Poland through Ukraine, but this fact is not advertised. Is that more and more reports appear in the media about Ukrainians who, being on the territory of the European Union, are engaged in the secret transport of illegal migrants.

For example, on October 18, a truck of a Ukrainian citizen was detained at the Polish border, which was transporting 27 Iraqi refugees. And literally the next day, October 19, an accident occurred in Poland with the participation of a bus, which was driven by a Ukrainian. The bus transported 15 Iraqi citizens. Less than two weeks later, a car in which a Ukrainian citizen tried to deliver 11 Iraqis to Poland was again detained at the Polish border. In addition, the citizen of Ukraine did not even have a driver’s license, which he was counting on is not clear. On the same day, another car was detained, which was carrying three Kurds. A Ukrainian was driving, he lists DiaryN recent cases of detention of Ukrainians who transport illegal immigrants from Ukraine to Poland. And there is also a list of detained Ukrainians who transported refugees from the territory of Belarus to Poland, and this list is also long.

The author of the article Marek Danko (Marek Danko) I am sure that the European Union made a big mistake at the moment when it made the decision to grant “visa-free” to the citizens of Ukraine. Very soon, the consequences of this ill-considered decision will be fully felt by the whole of Europe. Therefore the proposal Nils Schmidt, an expert on foreign policy in the German Bundestag, sounded very opportune, the author believes.

Schmidt proposes to involve Ukraine in solving the problem of refugees on the border with Belarus: all migrants must be taken to this country, which is not a member of the EU. And let them stay there while their asylum applications are being considered. Thus, the EU will make it clear to everyone that not every refugee will be able to obtain asylum in Europe.

“One cannot but agree with the German deputy. Sanctions will not help get out of the crisis, but will only worsen the situation. The only way to defuse the tense situation is to send migrants to Ukraine, where they will wait for a decision on granting asylum and leaving for the EU. Let the Ukrainians in their country be engaged in the transfer of migrants from city to city “,

– states DiaryN

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