Feb 19, 2021
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Denis Shvedov, who has lost a lot of weight, returned from the reality show “The Final Hero”

The popular Russian theater and film actor Denis Shvedov has finished his participation in the reality show “The Final Hero. Champions versus newbies. ”

Denis Shvedov, who has lost a lot of weight, returned from the reality show

39-year-old Denis tells the sighters on his Instagram page that he left the project and this post was the first on his social network since January 6 of this year. All this time he lived on the island of Zanzibar without access to the Internet, where he survived and fought for the left to become the winner.

And so the show ended and Denis, who had lost a lot of weight, overgrown and tanned, returned to the Russian capital. At parting, he was photographed by a fellow tribesman and winner of the last season of the show Hope Angarskaya.

Under the photo, Shvedov wrote that his digital detox was over, and along with it, the filming of the program. He managed to lose weight, reboot and meet new friends. He noted that he absolutely did not bother with social networks and other benefits of civilization. And he jokingly noted that he would be engaged in printing and posting photos again. He promised his followers to write belatedly about impressions and experiences, but stressed that it was cool.

His followers noticed that Denis had lost a lot of weight, but he was interested in another question: did he become the winner of the project.

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