Feb 18, 2021
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Denis Shvedov voiced a character in the cartoon “Raya and the Last Dragon”

17:15, 02/18/2021

Leader Benj will speak in the voice of the actor.

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On March 4, 2021, the premiere of the adventure animated film “Raya and the Last Dragon” will take place. Such famous artists as Marina Aleksandrova and Irina Pegova gave voices to the cartoon characters. Denis Shvedov also took part in the project. For an actor, this is not a debut work in dubbing. Previously, he has voiced documentaries and computer game characters.

In the voice of Shvedov in the cartoon “Raya and the Last Dragon”, one of the main characters, the leader of Benj, will speak: “My hero is for all good and against all bad, he is trying to settle everything peacefully. I am delighted to have been asked to voice a Disney animated character. “

Shvedov noted that the work of a dubbing actor is quite difficult. Nevertheless, he liked to voice the hero: “I don’t do it that often, but it’s interesting to me. I feel free in front of the camera. Coming to the studio and standing in front of the microphone, you need to not just get yourself together, but combine everything at once: the timecodes, the words, the breathing, the attitude towards the characters, and the picture, which, in fact, is not so simple. In my opinion, in order to successfully do such work as sound recording, there must be a very high level of acting skills. “

Denis Shvedov voiced a character in the cartoon “Raya and the Last Dragon”

Marina Aleksandrova, who voiced one of the main characters, also previously took part in similar projects. According to the actress, the specifics of dubbing are very interesting, but difficult: “At the very beginning of the dubbing process, there was some resistance, I tried to feel her character, grimaces, jokes, strength, and the first day was quite difficult. But already on the second day I saw how the character began to come to life, how we grow into each other. I enjoyed my work incredibly. ” Irina Pegova is in solidarity with the words of the actress, in whose voice a dragon named Sisu will speak: “Dubbing is a difficult thing, on the first day it is not easy to coincide with your heroine, but on the second and third days of dubbing it becomes easier.”

Irina Pegova

Recall that for the first time Shvedov appeared on the screen in an episode of the series “The Weaknesses of a Strong Woman” in 2006. The main role came two years later, in the film A Good Friend for All. And Shvedov was famous for the thriller directed by Yuri Bykov “To Live”, filmed in 2010. In 2013, Bykov again invited Denis to the lead role in the drama “Major”.

In November last year, Denis said that he would like to act in foreign films. But, according to the actor, Russian artists are not in demand among foreign casting directors. He admitted that he does not yet know how to get there. The actor also shared that he could not get auditioned for TV series and films by Fyodor Bondarchuk’s studio. Denis noted that for seven years he tried to get into the director’s pictures, but he did not succeed. However, failures do not stop the actor, he admitted that he was ready to go to auditions for Bondarchuk “to gray hair.”

Now Denis Shvedov takes part in the third season of “The Last Hero”. The star of the TV series “Major” and “The Forces” had never before taken part in the filming of the legendary reality, but he had to become a participant in the television project, replacing the unexpectedly retired Sergei Odintsov. The fact is that the hero of the very first season of the show could not fly to Africa due to a criminal record. It turned out that Sergey was deprived of his driving license for drunk driving. Odintsov did not manage to get new license, therefore he did not manage to fly abroad.

Sergei Bodrov Jr. and Sergei Odintsov at The Last Hero in 2000. Archival photo.

Exclusive interview with Denis Shvedov “Around TV”

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