Apr 4, 2021
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Denis Shvedov said that his wife looks to the attention of fans

The popular Russian actor Denis Shvedov, who fought in the TV series “Former” and “Major”, uses it with tremendous success with women – rumors about his new hobbies are constantly shown on the Internet.

Denis Shvedov said that his wife looks to the attention of fans

Denis reported that his wife was reacting to this.

Not so long ago Shvedov took part in the show “The Final Hero”, where he “shrunk and rebooted”. The actor noted that life on a desert island became a new experiment for him, and the reboot itself consisted in a shrill change of scenery and lifestyle.

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In social networks, they began to say that beautiful young ladies tried to seduce him on the island. Commenting on the fact that his grandmother, Alexandra Rozovskaya, reacts to such manifestations of a woman’s attention to his personality, Denis said that his wife also belongs to the acting field and understands that this kind of increased attention.

The actor emphasized that famous people have been attracting the attention of others for a century and he is very pleased that Baba Alexandra looks to this with understanding.

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