Apr 1, 2021
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Denis Shvedov said that as a child, his stepfather beat him and his younger sister

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The actor shared that he had to go to the doctor to work through psychological trauma.

Denis Shvedov, 39, told the YouTube show “Open, David!” about the domestic abuse he experienced as a child. When the actor had a younger sister, Shvedov’s parents divorced, which Denis was very happy about. The father systematically raised his hand to the household. According to Shvedov, his stepfather not only beat him, but also exerted moral pressure on the artist, for which the actor would now like to hit him. “He did a lot of bad things: there was physical violence in the family, and moral. He left nothing good, except for psychological trauma. When I remember something in connection with some life stories, I sometimes want to cut him well for everything that he did, for myself and for my sister, ”- Skala Shvedov in the show.

Denis Shvedov spoke about domestic violence, a frame from a Youtube show

Once, the star of the movie “The Forces” found out that the man, whom he considered his father all this time, actually turned out to be his stepfather. Only 25 years later, Denis Shvedov learned the truth. As the famous actor says, he cannot condemn his stepfather for his actions. “Maybe he felt so in this family. His tower was vomiting that there was such a splash, ”Shvedov said. According to him, he does not even know if his stepfather is alive now. Deep down, Denis could not forgive him for what happened in childhood. The actor admitted that he would like to talk about that life with his stepfather, because only through conversation can he survive this mental pain. Therefore, he would like to have dinner with his stepfather. “It would definitely close something inside me. This would change for the better. Probably, this hypothetical meeting with him would have a very strong impact, ”Denis said frankly.

Denis Shvedov in the TV series “Former”, still from the film

As Denis Shvedov said, after the domestic violence, he admitted that he had problems. Shvedov was greatly helped by working with psychologists, because he could not cope alone. “It gave me an incredible resource in order to become better in something, in life, in a profession. I just got closer to myself. Not to be afraid, although the first times are always scary, because there is prejudice, ”Shvedov shared. The actor urged people to turn to specialists, and not drown their grief in alcohol.

Shvedov’s wife Alexandra Rozovskaya with children

According to the artist, his wife Alexandra helped him in many life situations, including at the moment when Denis had suicidal thoughts. Recall that Shvedov met actress Alexandra Rozovskaya in 2013 while working at the Russian Academic Youth Theater. Three years later, the couple had a daughter, Miroslava. As Shvedov said, he could not believe it for a long time and only after a while “joy and understanding” came to him. This year, the lovers told that they had registered a marriage in a quiet family circle. In April 2018, the family was replenished again – Alexandra gave birth to a boy. According to the spouses, they did not expect to become parents again so soon, and in the theater where the couple plays, they joked that Rozovskaya left one maternity leave immediately for another.

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