Nov 19, 2021
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Denis Klyaver was suspected of theft


Singer Denis Klyaver got into a curious situation during the filming of the video.

The artist was accused of attempted embezzlement. No, not diamonds, big money or at least the melodies of a song, but … hay! A curious situation with the artist happened on the set of the video for the song “Fortune Will Find You”, which premiered the other day.

The shooting took place in the Instrinsky district. In the middle of a huge field, among the mowed grass, a film crew was accommodated, arrived in a jeep, which became the main shooting props, and in a huge bus.

After a while, Denis noticed how two cars drove up to the filming location, from which five people got out and went to the shocked participants in the filming.

There are suspiciously many cars … What are you? You steal hay? ”, – they asked, ignoring the equipment and cameras. Moreover, a few days later they came to check. And only after making sure that the artist was not interested in the valuable agricultural product, they left home with peace of mind.

As for the video itself, the video turned out to be sincere, bright and life-affirming.

The composition “Luck Will Find You” has been taking first places in the charts of popular radio stations for several weeks.

The main message of the video is simple: everything is in your hands, you can do much more than you think. You just need to not be afraid to change your life and change yourself. All problems are solvable, and a person should never forget that he is the master of his own destiny. “It was difficult to visualize the song“ Luck Will Find You ”. Therefore, the filming dragged on for almost a year. However, the positive that this clip carries is always relevant, especially in our difficult time. Therefore, it is even good that the video was released in the fall, on these gray days, when the optimistic mood is often not enough.“, – says the singer.

The shooting took place in the suburbs, in the midst of the summer heat. The main roles were played by Denis Klyaver and … an unusual minibus. The director of the video, Alexander Gonopolsky, turned it into an impromptu miracle machine that fulfills wishes. She not only gives people everything they could only dream of, but also carries out a complete transformation of the personality. The service is free, but there is one condition: the person must decide for himself to change.

Despite all the fantasticness of this story, it is very vital. The metamorphoses that happen to the heroes of the video can happen in the life of any person, if, of course, he is ready to change himself. In fact, everything is in our hands, we must not forget about it. You do not need a magic machine that fulfills wishes, because each person is the creator of his own destiny and, therefore, is also a bit of a magician“, – explains Denis, who took an active part in writing the script for the video.

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