Nov 20, 2022
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Denis Dorokhov is ready to repeat his scandalous trick with a man’s kiss


Artist Denis Dorokhov spoke about the all-Russian scandal.

Last year, the humorous show “The Game” started on TNT. However, the project was quickly frozen after a series of scandals, the loudest of which was a sketch involving Dorokhov.

Immediately after the odious number, Denis Dorokhov was hit by a wave of hate. Officials threatened to write a statement to the Prosecutor General’s Office, and the public called the artist’s joke, to put it mildly, inappropriate. The scandal had a negative impact on the fate of the show “Game”. However, the comedian considers the accusations to be in vain, as he acted within the framework of a given role.

Would I repeat this story? Yes. It’s just that now the legislation would be stricter in this regard …“- he said in an interview with Nastya Ivleeva.

Denis Dorokhov
Denis Dorokhov

Recall that Denis has been happily married for many years. The couple are raising sons. The presenter asked the showman how the senior heir reacted to the scene.

My wife told me that at that very moment he looked sharply at her, and she replied: “It’s a joke.” I don’t know, maybe it will affect him when he grows up.“, says the artist.

Ivleeva also took an interest in the personal life of the 35-year-old guest. It turned out that, despite the status of a family man, the artist looks at the beauties. “I really love all women. I’m struggling with it. I even have a stand-up about the masculine essence. You still look at women with sexual interest…” he confessed in Agentshow 3.0 Dacha.

However, according to Denis, it never came to cheating on his wife. He also ironically refers to rumors about a possible romance with Olga Kartunkova. “Of course, we love and respect each other. But we just love to play. I can say: “I’ll eat you now. What a dress she put on, look! ”, And Olya plays along. Ira (wife – ed.) is not jealous. It’s a joke“, – said the artist.

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