May 4, 2021
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Denis Dorokhov from the show “Once Upon a Time in Russia” spoke about the thrill of not showing up to the audience

The famous Russian comedian and actor Denis Dorokhov said that he does not understand those people who take offense at jokes, so much as if even the most provocative humor is not visited in order to humiliate or offend someone.

Denis Dorokhov from the show

Very soon, the new hate show “Prozharka” will be released on the network, where not only comedians will joke at the star, but also the audience. Dorokhov became one of the invited comedians of the first issue. In this issue, he had to go hard on his colleague and good friend Azamat Musagaliev.

Denis noted that he was very sick, so much as if he did not want to offend a domestic person, and he also had a fear that he would not appear to the audience. He figured that people might think that the comedian did not particularly touch on sensitive topics and was careful in jokes.

The artist added that everyone is worried before going on stage and trembles that his jokes will not seem to the audience. He confessed that he even drove a couple from his own performance. And when, instead of laughter, it is quiet in the hall, then this is the motivation to understand your slips and move farther, concluded Dorokhov.

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