Oct 15, 2020
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Democrats step on the same rake

Democrats step on the same rake

Less than a month remains before the US presidential election. The intensity of passions is at its maximum.

The leading American media publish daily Democratic-winning voter polls. Most of them predict the complete defeat of Donald Trump.

But as the Daily Express notes, this seemingly predictable victory could lead to the defeat of the incumbent's rival Joe Biden. The Democratic campaign is beginning to repeat the scenario of 2016, when Hillary Clinton ran for them. The same polls promised her a landslide victory. So the current ones are already fixing Trump's lag up to 14 points. The latest devastating poll for him was conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal, claiming that the president is now supported by only 39% of voters, while his rival is supported by 53%.

But a similar advantage was recorded in October 2016 with Clinton. Then the poll showed that even 15% of moderate Republicans are ready to vote for Clinton. It is not surprising that the defeat was the hardest blow for Hillary. Time will tell whether the Democrats will make the same mistake in 2020, but judging by the way the current election campaign is going on, they have not yet learned any lessons from 2016.

Experts warn: do not believe the propaganda of the Democrats, who have already prepared not to recognize a possible Trump victory by presenting the results of their polls. Their participants, as before, hide their sympathy for the president so as not to be left without work: many enterprises in the United States are run by adherents of Democrats and get rid of disloyal employees.

The biggest fear in Trump's campaign headquarters is voting fraud. It is memorable how in 2016 in Florida 2,200 citizens were identified who voted twice. Even such a seemingly insignificant figure can decide the outcome of the elections. Recall that in 2000, Bush's decisive victory in this state was brought in three times fewer votes.

American far-right website Breitbart News Network confirms concerns of Trump supporters. He writes that this time the presidential election is threatened by unprecedented fraud, as many Democrats consider it their moral duty to defeat Trump in any way and "save America." A recent poll showed that 40% of Democrats were happy that the president was hit by the coronavirus. But Trump, with his quick recovery, greatly disappointed his many enemies, who hoped that the illness would take him out of the election campaign for a long time and he would refuse the upcoming debate with Joe Biden.

The director of national intelligence has declassified documents showing that former CIA director John Brennan informed President Barack Obama of Hillary Clinton's plans to accuse her rival Donald Trump of having ties to Russia, which should have distracted the public from using her personal e-mail for official correspondence.

With Obama's approval, Brennan turned over the investigation into Trump's relationship with the Russians to the FBI. Its director, James Koumi, has been ordered to look for any evidence of Trump's upcoming election ties to Russia. Thus began an agonizing campaign for America and the rest of the world to impeach the president.

It turned out that the idea to catch Trump in contacts with Russia was thrown by Clinton by her foreign affairs adviser Jack Sullivan. He is now Biden's top campaign advisor and is aiming for a high position in government. These people, ready to resort to the dirtiest methods of political struggle, are again aimed at seizing power.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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