Sep 11, 2020
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Democratic Party of Moldova refused to participate in elections

And the former allies of Sandu and Nastase become competitors

On September 11, the acceptance of documents for registration of initiative groups for collecting signatures in support of candidates for the presidency ends in Moldova. This year, almost all Moldovan parties decided to try their luck in the elections, which are scheduled for November 1. However, the most influential party in Moldova in the recent past, the Democratic Party, decided not to nominate its candidate for the presidential elections.

According to the DPM chairman Paul Philip, "In this election campaign there are only two candidates with a chance of winning, and who the party will support will be decided after consultations with local citizens"...

“We are not afraid to speak clearly and directly what everyone knows. Yes, there are only two candidates in this election, period. The rest are just background noise. Other candidates understand this too, but due to vanity and narrow interests, they announced their participation in the race. Apart from the two candidates with a chance of winning, everyone else is just figurants, and they are only called upon to sow confusion, because they have such agreements or they are playing someone else's game. "

- Philip told reporters after the meeting of the National Political Council.

Recall, according to all sociological studies, the current head of state will go to the second round of the presidential elections Igor Dodon and the leader of the opposition Action and Solidarity Party Maya Sandu, for which it will be an attempt at political revenge. Sandu has already met Dodon in the second round of the 2016 presidential election.

In such a pre-calculated situation, the Democrats do not consider it necessary to waste their energy on the struggle for the presidency. Moreover, the Moldovan president does not have sufficient power under a parliamentary form of government.

“The government and parliament are important for us. The president cannot increase wages, pensions, cannot create jobs, cannot attract investment and revive the country's economy. The government does it. The President is responsible for the awards and can indicate the direction of foreign policy ",

- noted in the PDM.

Which of the two contenders for the post of head of state will be supported by the PDM will be decided after consultations in the regions, the head of the party noted.

President Igor Dodon called such a decision of the democrats - PSRM allies in the parliamentary coalition - "Pragmatic and mature"... He is sure: “You need to enter the election campaign only when there is a chance to enter the second round and win”...

The leader of the DA Platform party will clearly disagree with the president Andrey Nastase, who has no doubts: it is he who will win the second round of the presidential elections. He is outraged by the attempts of Maya Sandu, a former ally in the ACUM bloc, to "intercept" his supporters, in particular, attempts to negotiate with mayors - members of the Platform DA party.

“Ms. Sandu decided that she needed to talk to our mayors. She explained to me that she was talking to them to make sure she had support in the second round. I assured her that she does not need to walk around the mayors, she will not get into the second round. Internal polls show that I am the only one who will meet Dodon in the second round, and I have a better chance of defeating him than other candidates, ”

- Andrey Nastase confidently declared on the air of the TV channel JurnalTV...

The presidential campaign in Moldova has just begun ...

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On the picture. PDM Chairman Pavel Philip

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