Jan 28, 2021
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Demi Moore has changed beyond recognition

One of the main themes of the tara-bar-rasta-bar at the Sublime Fashion Week in Paris was the appearance of the famous American actress Demi Moore. Her face was very difficult to recognize.

Demi Moore has changed beyond recognition

It is reported that the utilitarian artist has never missed French Fashion Week, which takes place every year at the beginning of the year. This year she was not only a guest, but also a participant in the show – the 58-year-old actress acted as a model on the Fendi brand catwalk.

Demi showed off a bold agate silk suit. Fluffy trousers and a jacket with open shoulders and a neckline formed a unique image. However, her appearance on the podium demanded bewilderment from the audience. They immediately realized that Moore had done something to her mug.

It is noted that the rest of the time, she has not been utilitarian to publish a photo on her Instagram account, and in public for a century she carried a protective mask and glasses. She also came to the fashion show wearing a protective screen. Therefore, the artist’s other appearance was a tremendous surprise for her fans.

Everything has changed, it would seem, utilitarian: the edge of the nose became narrower and was raised up, the upper lip looked more defined, the lower lip became more voluminous. However, her cheekbones stood out more. They were corrected with fillers, which made them look unnatural and very huge.

However, her skin looked fresh and radiant.

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