Dec 27, 2020
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Delyagin named the reasons for the recession in the global economy

Soviet and Russian economist, Doctor of Economics Mikhail Delyagin, during a press conference of the Patriot Media Group and the FAN, told why the global “process of degradation” of the economy began, and how China was able to resume economic growth.

“After the destruction of the USSR, the world is in the process of degradation. Moreover, if a country does not have sovereignty, then it cannot fully develop, with the exception of Singapore and Estonia, because these are tiny states. Significant states, lacking sovereignty, cannot develop, ”Mikhail Delyagin said.

The Doctor of Economics also spoke more precisely about the economic situation in Western Europe.

“Western Europe developed as an outpost against the USSR. When the USSR was gone, the need for the development of Western Europe disappeared, the countries began to degrade. Although today Germany is quite comparable to the United States in terms of merchandise exports, while having a population four times less. That is why the Americans are trying to redo everything, ”the economist said.

Along with this, the expert named the reasons for the high growth in China’s development.

“The development of China is caused by one single circumstance – China has full-fledged sovereignty. That is, the Chinese state is trying to act in the interests of the Chinese people. The main task of the state is the development of China. Even the United States is under external control of the influence of global financial and informational attitudes, as well as other capital groups, ”emphasized Mikhail Delyagin.

According to the expert, this is why the development of America is part of various kinds of global projects. However, global financial groups “don’t give a damn about America itself.” The economist noted that in this respect the people of Russia are absolutely identical to the people of America, “it’s just that in Russia the level of destruction is higher.” The Doctor of Economics once again stressed that the factor of a fully sovereign state is behind the development of China.

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