Nov 13, 2022
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Delivery worker slapped hotel employee for ordered food

slap in the face for ordered foodMs. Wu, who works at the hotel, said they have a strict rule about ordering food to their rooms – guests are not allowed to do this.

slap in the face for ordered food

The Singapore resident added that couriers have a habit of leaving orders at the check-in counter, but the counter is too small for foreign packages and items, plus food can go bad. Therefore, our heroine was once again not happy when she came to work and saw a package with some containers and a glass of coffee on the counter. Angry, Wu took the other person’s order outside and placed it on the ground in front of the hotel entrance. Returning to the workplace, the lady also found a note – it indicated which particular number the order was made from. Here Wu, as an exception, decided to give the guests their food and again went out into the street, where she ran into the employees of the delivery service, who were extremely unhappy that the order they had brought had moved from the hotel to the entrance. One of the ladies, who was about 60 years old, not only yelled at Wu, but also slapped her, completely shocking the poor woman.

slap in the face for ordered food

Moreover, the offender shouted that she would not even be afraid of the police and still beat her victim. Well, now the hooligan will probably reconsider her opinion, because Wu turned to the police and wrote a statement to the delivery service employee. Now the unrestrained woman will have to answer for the bad habit of dissolving her hands.

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