Jul 31, 2020
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Degtyarev will have to ask on reception to Putin

Acting Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev in the near future will present to President Vladimir Putin plans to develop the region. He said that he will "beg" for an appointment with the head of state in 20-x dates of August.

As you may remember, Vladimir Putin agreed in a month I will make an appointment to see him, to report on the situation in the region, to draw some interim conclusions from the audit of the state of Affairs. As you can see, the month expires on August 20, here in these numbers going to ask on the reception to the President, — results his words RIA Novosti.

According to him, it is unknown how exactly I will have a talk with Putin. It is likely that she will be in remote mode.

The previous Governor Sergey Furgala was detained and flown to Moscow on 9 July. He is suspected in the organization of an assassination and a series of murders of a number of entrepreneurs. According to the Investigative Committee, the crimes were committed on the territory of the Khabarovsk territory and Amur region in 2004-2005. Then Furgal was engaged in business. July 10, Basmanny court of the capital arrested him for a term until 9 September. Furgal pleaded not guilty.

After the arrest of the Governor on the streets of Khabarovsk took tens of thousands of outraged citizens. Protests have taken place in the city for the third week. According to media reports, the most massive of them, July 11, was attended by about 30 thousand people.

July 20 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the resignation of Sergey Furgala from the post of Governor of Khabarovsk Krai in connection with loss of trust and the same day offered to Mikhail Degtyarev to lead the region, wrote

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