Sep 30, 2021
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Degradation of European cities

The most real invasion of wild boars was in Rome. According to media reports, whole flocks of hungry and ferocious animals roam the central streets of the Italian capital, not paying attention to cars and paralyzing traffic. According to a correspondent in Rome for the English newspaper Guardian, the gangs of wild boars marching through the streets of the city are evidence of the collapse of the Italian capital.

Wild boars rummaging through the trash heaps were usually spotted on the outskirts of the city. But the hungry animals are becoming more insolent and appear already in the center. So, they were photographed near the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And recently, a group of hungry boars surrounded a woman in a supermarket parking lot in Formello to steal her bags and eat their contents, according to the Guardian.

“It has already become very dangerous to leave the house in the evening to walk the dog,” writes a resident of Rome Vittorio Pagano with indignation on the network. – Wild boars chase dogs, mistaking them for prey. It’s a shame for Rome! “

It got to the point that the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raji, according to the newspaper Repubblica, was forced to file a complaint with the prosecutor’s office, accusing the authorities of the Lazio metropolitan area of ​​the invasion of wild boars. And the Minister of Agriculture Stefano Patuanelli said that wild boars have long become a problem not only in Rome, but throughout Italy. “It may seem that this is only felt in the municipality of Rome, but unfortunately it is not. This is a problem that all regional advisers, all trade associations of all regions report to me on a daily basis, ”he said.

A spokesman for the Coldiretti growers’ association said there are 2.3 million wild boars in Italy, with a 15% increase in boars following the COVID-19 lockdown. Wild boars cause tens of thousands of accidents on Italian roads. Last year in Italy, the number of car accidents involving animals increased by 80%.

What are the boars! According to Guardian, “the inhabitants of Rome have long complained about the degradation of the city: from garbage-strewn streets and patchwork parks to potholes and historic buildings dotted with graffiti.” Not to mention the crowds of aggressive migrants from Eastern and African countries wandering around the capital.

And here is a sketch of what is happening today in the center of the Italian capital, the journalist of the popular weekly AIF: “A half-hour walk around the main Rome Termini station is enough to completely lose faith in humanity. Treading softly, like cats, Nigerians come up and whisper in your ear: “Heroin, the cheapest.” The walls are decorated with posters warning about pickpockets – usually this is what visitors from Congo do. Citizens of Ghana near Trajan’s market approach tourists, offer to buy a trinket, stretch out their hand to say hello and pull them in for a hug – so they try to pull out their wallet.

Immigrants from Bangladesh importunately sell Chinese souvenirs, and Eritrean women in bedspreads sit right on the sidewalk and beg in broken Italian. The strong smell of the toilet hits the nose, heaps of garbage and food waste are everywhere. The army post at the Colosseum (guards near the sights were set up in order to avoid terrorist attacks) brushes off: “Signor, this is not our business – the carabinieri are engaged in migrants.” True, the guardians of order are nowhere to be seen. In 2008, the American newspaper Boston Globe counted 670,000 illegal migrants in Italy. Now they call completely different figures – from one million and more … “

However, this is happening today not only in Rome. As reported by the newspaper “Russian Athens”, wild pigs have appeared in the suburbs of the Greek capital.

One of the residents of the fashionable suburb of Ekali filmed wild boar piglets who came in search of food to the garbage cans on the outskirts. Wild boars, the newspaper notes, are large animals that pose a danger to humans.

But even without boars, Athens today is full of problems. The second largest area of ​​the Greek capital is called the “Black Hole” by the newspaper “Katimerini”. “As soon as the cool twilight falls over the sun-hot capital,” the newspaper writes, “drug addicts begin to flock to this square, like shadows from the underworld. Moreover, those who are committed to such a deadly drug as heroin. At first, they cautiously cluster in the side streets, and their “messengers” carefully observe the square. As soon as the police patrols disappear, news of this is relayed, and dozens, if not hundreds, of young pale citizens with trembling hands and feverishly shining eyes flock to the square. The smart heroin dealers (mostly immigrants from Albania and Romania) also flock there. The goal of some is to get the coveted “dose” by all means, the task of others is to sell it to them. And in the morning on the stone benches of Omonia, they often find the numb corpses of those who did not calculate and received an “overdose” …
According to the local police department, usually up to 500-600 drug addicts gather in the square, and in general their number in this area reaches about a thousand people. We, the police say, constantly patrol the square, but as soon as patrols appear, it instantly empties, drug addicts scatter along the surrounding streets and lanes: Socratus, Agios Constantinou, Menandru, Teatru square, Kotzia square, etc. As soon as the police leave, they return to the square again … ”, – writes“ Katimerini ”.

Fortunately, wild boars still do not run through the streets of Paris, but because of the migrants who have flooded the French capital, life in it also becomes unsafe. The city already has areas with immigrants from Algeria and other countries of Africa and the East, where even the police are afraid to enter.

Over the past forty years, France has transformed from a tight-knit country into an uninhabitable territory, where violence reigns everywhere, and migrants and radical Islam have replaced the old nation and religion, the Figaro columnist Ivan Rioufol writes with dismay.

Another problem of European cities is the high level of air pollution. “Thousands of Europeans die every year from high levels of air pollution,” writes Deutsche Welle.

According to experts, 45 thousand people die from air pollution in Poland every year. According to the WHO, 33 cities in Poland were among the 50 most polluted cities in Europe in 2017.

“The smog is quite real. You can smell it, ”says Andrzej Gula in an interview with DW. “People in Krakow joke that you can even taste it,” he adds. This is a sad joke because air pollution literally kills thousands of people in Poland every year.

Wearing a mask and checking the level of smog has already become a part of everyday life for many Poles. There are days when children and the elderly are advised to stay at home due to unsafe levels of pollution.

However, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA), the country with the highest levels of air pollution in Europe is Bulgaria. In it, most of all people die prematurely due to air pollution (in terms of 100 thousand people).

He mentions the degradation of European cities in his book What to Do? Life with the Decline of Europe ”by renowned historian David Engels. “It is enough to walk around the suburbs of Paris, London and Brussels, drive through empty villages, see with your own eyes the level of education in schools and universities, assess the change in interest rates, communicate with increasingly divorced national and European political authorities, feel the growing confusion and dislike of Europeans to their political system, to see that the West is undergoing radical transformations, and not for the better, “he said in an interview with the newspaper Figaro, referring to the Parisians rebelling in connection with the growing crisis – the” yellow vests “.

“The onset of the expected major crisis can be postponed at great cost for several months or years. But when the treasury is empty and the social security system collapses, we will see that the “yellow vests” were just a prelude to much more terrible conflicts, ”warns D. Engels.

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