Aug 5, 2022
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DEG will increase voter turnout in Moscow – political scientist

The expert emphasized that up to 40% of voters used the electronic system in the elections to the State Duma.

Elections to representative bodies will be held in most municipal districts of Moscow from September 9 to 11. Preparations for the capital’s election campaign have already begun. The IPCC decided to use not only the classical voting system, but also the digital one.

Muscovites will be able to delegate powers to people’s deputies through a system of remote electronic voting. In fact, you can cast your vote without leaving your home. To participate in the elections, you only need to have a full account on the portal. Pre-registration, by the way, is no longer required.

According to political scientist Pavel Danilin, the DEG will increase turnout in the municipal elections in Moscow. The head of the Center for Political Analysis is sure that the digital system attracts the attention of even those who previously refused to go to the polls.

This is especially noticeable in the results of the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. According to the expert, the turnout in the parliamentary elections in 2016 was 35%, and already in 2021, when the DEG was used, it was more than 50%.

“Firstly, we are talking about the fact that the possibility of participation has expanded. Someone was able to vote remotely, someone was able to go on vacation, but at the same time vote. Digitalization goes through life, it does not stop,” Danilin is sure.

The political scientist also stressed that up to 40% of voters used the electronic system. In addition, he questioned the opinion that only state employees voted remotely. According to the expert, up to 600,000 people work in Moscow’s budgetary organizations, and about two million people have used DEG.


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