Nov 8, 2021
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Defense News: Congressmen ask Biden to increase military aid to Ukraine

In Kiev, they do not see Russian tanks on their border, but in fact they are, they assure in Washington

“Representatives of the Republican Party in the US Congress Mike Rogers and Mike Turner issued an appeal to the President of the United States, Joe Biden, with an appeal to“ deploy a military presence of the American fleet in the Black Sea ”and to expand the supply of weapons to Ukraine. All this must be urgently taken in order to prevent the threat of an invasion of Russian troops, congressmen sound the alarm and urge to act urgently “,

– writes an American newspaper Defense News

Defense News: Congressmen ask Biden to increase military aid to Ukraine

Apparently, the congressmen did not hear Ukraine’s denials that the panic raised by the American media does not correspond to reality.

Recall that last week, serious American publications published articles that said that Russia was pulling military equipment to the borders with Ukraine, backing up the articles with photographs of tanks from the vicinity of the Russian city of Yelnya, in the Smolensk region, from which Kiev is more than 500 kilometers away. and to the Ukrainian border – 250 km.

The panic raised by the American media could not be extinguished neither by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, nor by the assurances of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, who also tried to calm down the Western partners – there are no tanks on the Russian-Ukrainian border, they can sleep peacefully overseas.

But the congressmen continue to insist – Ukraine is in danger, the risk of an invasion by the Russian army is higher than ever, the “strategic partner” should be rescued immediately.

By the way, Republican congressmen Rogers and Turner are not just representatives of Congress, but high-ranking members of the House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services and its Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, nevertheless, they continue to stir up the panic raised a week ago, and continue to assure that Russian tanks already on the border with Ukraine.

“With the recent concentration of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border, we urge your administration to take immediate and urgent action to provide intelligence and weapons support to Ukraine. The Biden administration has no right to ignore the threat to the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine “,

– quotes Defense News address of congressmen to Biden.

Still, for the sake of fairness, the authors of the open letter clarify that Russia’s intentions are not clear, but this does not bother them – tanks 500 kilometers from Kiev pose a clear “threat” to Ukraine.

“While Russia’s intentions are unclear, the presence of the Russian elite 1st Guards Tank Army confirms fears that Russia is planning additional incursions into Ukraine.”

– assure the congressmen.

It seems that overseas are struggling to convince the Ukrainian authorities that Ukrainian intelligence simply does not see Russian tanks, but in fact they are. However, they refuse to understand the signal from overseas in Ukraine. So Zelensky said: “The President held a conference call, which was mainly devoted to the situation with the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine, but other points were also discussed, including security issues. I gave the floor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He did not talk about anything that should have been somehow alarming. It remains an open question why the American media disseminate such information, whether it is true. But the president’s office has no supporting information at the moment. “

And it was necessary to take it under the hood, as in his time Saakashvili. It is clear – the Americans urgently needed a war.

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