Jun 23, 2021
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"Deep bewilderment": Zakharova assessed the sanctions against Belarus and the US threat to cyber attacks

Maria Zakharova responded to EU and US sanctions against Belarus and threats over cyberattacks.

Russia will give a commensurate response to the new package of sanctions against Belarus, which also included persons with Russian citizenship, said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

According to Zakharova, the EU sanctions against Belarus are “EU ugliness”, the diplomat wrote on her Telegram channel. She called the EU sanctions against Belarus “lawlessness and interference in internal affairs.”

As for the inclusion in the sanctions lists of persons with Russian citizenship, moreover, under a completely odious and unreasonable pretext, this step, as before, will not remain without a commensurate response.

– noted Zakharova.

78 persons and enterprises of Belarus fell under the sanctions of the EU, as well as the USA, Great Britain and Canada.

Zakharova also commented on Jen Psaki’s statement about the US right to respond without warning in case of cyberattacks from Russia. Zakharova noted that such statements cause “deep surprise” as contradicting the agreements at the Putin-Biden summit.

And now we suddenly heard similar, as if once again divorced from reality, statements. We just have to guess: is the United States playing back the agreements of last week, reached at such a high level,

– TASS quotes the words of a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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