Mar 6, 2021
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Decl’s 15-year-old son said that his father wanted to name him after the main character of “Scarface”

09:13, 06.03.2021

The aspiring singer is considering changing his pseudonym Juzeppe Junior to Tony Montana.

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In mid-August last year, the 15-year-old son of Kirill Tolmatsky, better known as Decl debuted as a performer. Mercury Antony John published in his microblog on Instagram a fragment of the track, the music for which was written by the rapper Nongratta, known for his battle with Purulent. In order to post new material and information about himself as a performer, Tony opened another account for himself, which he called Juzeppe Junior, implying that he would continue the work of his father, who in the last years of his life performed under pseudonyms Giuseppe Hard and Le Truk

Today, Decl’s only son announced that he was thinking about changing his pseudonym. In his personal account, he organized a vote and offered a choice of the old pseudonym and a new one, based on the name of the main character of the famous crime drama with Al Pacino “Scarface”. At the same time, Tony admitted that his father from the very beginning wanted to call him Tony Montana, but later changed his mind.

Detsl’s son wanted to change his pseudonym

Recall that Mercury Anthony John was born in 2005 in Decl’s marriage with the Nizhny Novgorod model Yulia Kiseleva. Soon after the birth of his son, the musician stopped communicating with his father, who made him a popular performer. Producer Alexander Tolmatsky, due to family differences, could not communicate with his grandson. And after the death of Cyril, the producer began to conflict with his former daughter-in-law. The show business figure even asked for a DNA test to establish a relationship with Tony. And yet, Anthony’s relatives tried to find a common language for the sake of their grandson, but very soon Tolmatsky Sr. accused him of greed, saying that the young man communicated with him only for money. He noted that the teenager behaves rudely with him, and therefore will temporarily not help him and his mother with money, despite the loss of the breadwinner.

Decl with his wife Julia and son Tony

Recall that Decl passed away two years ago on the night of February 3. The artist suddenly felt bad during his concert in Izhevsk, he went to the dressing room, where he lost consciousness. The doctors who arrived at the scene tried to revive Cyril, gave him an injection of adrenaline, but they failed to save the musician. His father announced his son’s death on his Facebook page. According to media reports, the 35-year-old rapper died of cardiac arrest. It was known that on the day of his death, the musician did not use illegal drugs and actually did not drink alcoholic beverages. Despite Decl’s difficult relationship with his father, Alexander Tolmatsky is still going through the death of his son. On the anniversary of the tragedy, the producer published a video with the performer on his microblog on Instagram, which he had never shown before. The producer noted that he will always love and remember his son.

On Decl’s memorial day, his father published an archive video with him

We add that Alexander Tolmatsky has children from his second marriage. After a divorce from Decl’s mother Irina Tolmatskaya the producer married a young lady Anna… The couple had a son in 2006 Fedor, and three years later a daughter was born Anfisa… On January 19, Fyodor Tolmatsky, who is also fond of music and is trying his hand in this area, turned 15, like his son Kirill Tolmatsky. “I’m proud of you!!! You are the smartest, most educated and caring son. I am sure you will achieve a lot and you will be a very successful person! 15 years is just the beginning. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you!” – Alexander wrote in his microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. – Noteed.).

Alexander Tolmatsky with his wife and children

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