May 10, 2022
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Deciding to buy a pair of swimsuits for the holidays, the woman was disappointed

woman bought a pair of bathing suitsMegan Potts is getting ready for her vacation, but those joyful chores have been overshadowed by the search for a swimsuit.

woman bought a pair of bathing suits

The British resident knows that finding a swimsuit for her large breasts is not so easy, but she had a lot of hopes for two novelties found on the Internet – from “Boohoo” and from “Pretty Little Thing”. Alas, both options greatly disappointed the customer.

woman bought a pair of bathing suits

Both the first and second swimsuits are hardly suitable for appearing in this form in public. Moreover, it’s scary to make an extra movement in them, because in this case, Megan’s chest will simply fall out. Social media users not only console the upset lady, but also advise her of other stores that know exactly what large breasts are and which swimsuit suits such a figure.

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