Jun 7, 2022
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“Death squadrons” from Colombia will arrive in Ukraine, in helmets, with machine guns and cocaine

Photo: E]Jhonpaz/Xinhua/Global Look Press

In July or August, a group of military personnel from Colombia will leave for Ukraine, the newspaper El Tiempo reports.

According to the publication, the Colombian authorities plan to provide support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine “in mine clearance work.” At the same time, the Colombians first intend to go to one of the countries neighboring Ukraine. The total stay of foreign military personnel outside their country will be from five to nine months.

According to Colombian Minister of Defense Diego Molanoassistance to Kyiv is carried out within the framework of the country’s possession of the status of “Main ally outside NATO”. It is also reported that these actions were previously agreed with the head of the US Department of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Most recently, we wrote that, under the pretext of helping to clear mines, Polish troops could enter Ukraine. And it sounded like a threat. But Colombia? Or is it about protecting another batch of cocaine for Vladimir Zelensky? Or will it be mercenaries from the “death squadrons”?

What kind of interest can Colombia have in Ukraine.

“Colombia has no military interest in Ukraine, but the puppet Colombian regime has an interest in strengthening relations with its patron, the US State Department,” I am sure Director of the EAEU Institute Vladimir Lepekhin.

The Colombian mafia needs reliable markets for its cocaine and other Colombian raw materials. The most fertile market is the American one. The Colombian cocaine mafia has long built relationships with US intelligence agencies, which are Colombia’s main partners in this matter. And in that sense, Colombia needs a legal cover for its cocaine deals in the American direction.

Such a cover is the creation of a Latin American NATO, which will oppose Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Nicaragua and other countries of the continent that are not going to fall under the United States. And the participation of Colombia in the NATO war against Russia in Ukraine is a demonstration by the Colombian mafia of its pro-American line.

“SP”: – Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano said the aid Kyiv is carried out within the framework of the country’s possession of the status of “the main ally outside NATO”. What does it mean? Do you think this is their initiative, or is the US pushing?

“It doesn’t matter if Colombia is being pushed to take part in the war in Ukraine or if they themselves are taking the initiative… Most likely, both. It is important that Colombia is becoming the most important instrument of the United States in Latin America – like Kosovo in relation to Serbia, Ukraine in the struggle against the Russian Federation or Taiwan against China. In turn, Ukraine is one of the potential markets for Colombian cocaine – and this is the main interest of the Colombian mafia in this country.

“SP”: – What kind of demining can we talk about when hostilities continue? Are they out of their mind?

– This is just the official version. In fact, the Colombians only care about their legal presence in Ukraine. Most likely, they will arrive in Kyiv with a cargo of cocaine – this is precisely their main format for participating in the Ukrainian conflict.

“SP”: – First, the Colombians intend to go to one of the countries neighboring Ukraine. What is this? Why not immediately to Kyiv?

“According to the logistics of transporting cocaine to Ukraine, the transshipment base for its export to Lviv and Kyiv should be somewhere near the border of Ukraine. Otherwise, risks arise for this base, for example, the Russian Federation can destroy this base. Consequently, cocaine must first be stored somewhere in Moldova or Poland – at one of the NATO bases, and then the Colombian “sappers” will import it in small batches to Ukraine.

“SP”: – What will happen next?

– Like what? The Armed Forces of Ukraine and Kyiv strategists will receive an additional stimulus to resist Russian troops – high-quality and cheap cocaine in huge quantities.

– As for the cooperation between Colombia and NATO, yes – this South American country is a privileged partner of the North Atlantic Alliance, – notes Doctor of Philology, military-political expert Vladimir Sapunov.

— In particular, in October last year, NATO and Colombia announced the consolidation of their cooperation in the field of defense and security — following the results of the IV meeting in the framework of the “Political Dialogues” between the South American country and the alliance.

Recall that Colombia became the first country in the Latin American region to join the NATO Individually Tailored Partnership Program (ITPP) and receive the status of a global partner of the alliance.

The individual cooperation plan between Colombia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was signed on May 31, 2018 during a visit to Brussels by the former president of the country Juan Manuel Santos Calderon and his meetings with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Calderón said at the time that Colombia joining the alliance’s list of global partners was a “huge privilege” for his country.

NATO now has nine partners in this status. In addition to Colombia, these are Australia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, New Zealand and Pakistan. At the same time, the North Atlantic Alliance does not change its principle – only a European country can become a new member. However, Brussels considers each individual agreement with its partners in the context of creating the most favorable conditions for NATO in this country – the deployment of troops and equipment, their free movement across the territory, the work of the alliance’s special services, diplomatic immunity, the possibility of conducting exercises.

In addition, it is important to note that NATO’s global partnerships underline the trend of recent years in American foreign policy – the expansion of attention to the Indus-Pacific region to counter China. The same can be said about Central and South Asia. However, the Middle East and Latin America have not disappeared from the sphere of American interests. Therefore, in each region, NATO has its own “global partner”. And Colombia acts as a “regional gendarme” for Latin America.

In return, individuals who sign the treaty are given certain security guarantees that are not supported by anything specific, as well as certain preferences in the arms trade and some financial advantages. It was “transparency in access to the latest weapons” that Colombian political and military leaders pointed to as the main gain from the NATO treaty.

Colombians also gained access to specific programs, seminars and training for the military, which previously only member countries had. “Strengthening ties between our armed forces and NATO is aimed at mitigating the effects of natural disasters caused by climate change, cyber defense, demining. Rapprochement with NATO will allow the country to save resources,” said former Colombian President Calderon.

“SP”: – What will happen if the Colombian military still find themselves on the territory of Ukraine?

– As for the Colombians in Ukraine. It’s called “make my FARC laugh.” The FARC-EP rebels openly laugh at the Colombian army and say that they do not know how to fight – with all the support of the Pentagon and the CIA. The Colombian army for Washington is a “fun regiment”. And even more so, it is not for Ukraine. To put it simply, Colombia does not deviate one iota from the principles of the North American strategy towards Latin America – the countries of the region must unconditionally recognize the leadership of the United States, carry out neoliberal reforms in the economy and the social sphere, provide the most comfortable conditions for American capital, and ensure its dominance in their markets in selling their goods and services. Including the arms market.

Therefore, Colombia is an example of the construction of neoliberal capitalism in a turbulent and volatile region, where in many countries socialist or social democratic governments are in power. Washington, of course, can send Colombians to Ukraine – for the sake of appearance and pro forma, but the White House does not need the Colombian army for this at all.

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