Oct 15, 2021
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Dear was recognized by his sweatshirt: Christina’s new lover Asmus turned out to be the producer of the series “Trail”

The actress, a year after her divorce from Garik Kharlamov, still hides the identity of her new man, laying out only body parts with him. The producer has two teenage children. Christina is “absolutely happy” and warmed by the care of a new man.

Photo: Christina Asmus
Photo: Christina Asmus, Instagram

Vladtime’s editors managed to figure out the identity of Christina Asmus’s new lover. Some time ago, Christina Asmus complained of a huge workload, insomnia and constant fatigue. All this resulted in another depression and the actress decided to run away from her problems at the dacha. On her Instagram, Christina Asmus posted a video with a new man.

In the video, Asmus rides a motorcycle with a man in a gray sweatshirt, where you can see the back and the back of the head – light brown hair and a black cap.

Christina Asmus and Boris Kokin
Photo: Christina Asmus and Boris Kokin, Instagram stars

The new man of Christina Asmus turned out to be Boris Kokin – the executive producer of the series “Trace”, “Nemesis” and many other series of the detective genre. Journalists recognized the lovely actress man by a noticeable sweatshirt with ruffles on the shoulder and an unusual seam. It is not known whether Boris Kokin is divorced. On his social network there are photographs with a woman a year old. Kokin has two children – a daughter and a son of about the age of Christina’s daughter Nastya.

In the video of the two-wheeled vehicle, Christina snuggles up to the man and looks very happy.

Photo: Boris Kokin
Photo: Boris Kokin in his social network, Instagram @borskokin

Today, the actress suddenly shared: “Absolutely all my friends, my family and many of my colleagues are familiar with my man.”

Judging by the publications on social networks, the couple have known each other for more than a year and a half and treat each other with special trepidation and respect. They met on the set of the film with Christina Asmus “Bunki”.

It is not known whether Boris became the reason for the divorce of Christina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov. It is possible that the reason lies in the comedian’s new beloved Yekaterina Kovalchuk, who liked the comedian on the set of “Hussar” or in the scandal with “Text”.

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