May 15, 2022
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Dead pig with one head and two bodies surprises scientists

dead pig with two bodiesA piglet born to a pig living on a farm in San Miguel do Oeste (Santa Catarina, Brazil) has baffled scientists.

dead pig with two bodies

The strange creature that was born dead had one head and two bodies. True, something similar to an underdeveloped second head grew from the back of the unfortunate mutant. Experts from the Center for the Study of Nature of the University of Western Santa Catarina examined the corpse and came to the conclusion that they were Siamese twins, fused head and chest.

dead pig with two bodies

Ultrasound and x-ray scans showed that the twins had one heart for two, and below the abdominal cavity, each had its own organs, such as the kidneys and bladder.

dead pig with two bodies

As for the fact that the pig was born dead, then there is nothing surprising in this. Even if he managed to be born alive, because of his condition, he would not last long.

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