Sep 12, 2022
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“Dead millionaire”: top manager of the corporation for the development of the Far East and the Arctic Ivan Pechorin died tragically

The next hero of our sad column “Dead Millionaire” was Ivan Pechorin, a major businessman from Primorye, just there an economic forum was held a few days ago. Also, there was a typhoon. Typhoon Ivan was able to survive, but a boat trip by sea – no.

The tragedy occurred near Russky Island. The top manager cut through the wave on the boat and for some reason fell out of it at full speed. Rescuers and those who are not indifferent searched for his body for several days and found it on the opposite side of the Amur Bay. Moreover, no one knew that the missing person was a well-known local millionaire. His identity was established only when found.

It is reported that Pechorin did a lot for the development of the Far East, in particular, he achieved affordable and preferential air transportation for residents of Primorye. What really happened on this ill-fated boat is unknown, the man was alone in it. According to experts, it would not have been possible to save Ivan Pechorin, he died immediately as soon as he fell into the water.

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