Feb 6, 2021
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Day of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg February 6, 2021

Day of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg February 6, 2021

Xenia of Petersburg is one of the most revered women saints in Orthodoxy. February 6 is the day of her memory. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the traditions and history of this holiday.

There are great and twelve great feasts, but in addition to them there are also days of remembrance of saints, which are also portrayed as very stately internal events. On such holidays, as if the day of memory of St. Xenia, there is a real opportunity to receive the blessing of heaven.

The holiday was introduced in honor of Saint Xenia, who lived in St. Petersburg. Born Ksenia Petrova was such a dignified holy fool. This means that she possessed the gift of God and strove for solitude, for observing the monastic way of life.

The saint lived in the 18th century. She was born into a wealthy and godly family. She married, but became a widow when she was not yet thirty years old. The death of the faithful was a great shock for her, after which she gave out all her junk to the non-porcelains and began to lead a monastic life.

At first, people treated her with caution, but then they realized that she had a talent for blessing and healing. Saint Xenia never accepted talents and distributed everything to the poor. She bent exemplarily at the age of 70. Her prayer has never been covered with an ant. In its place to this day there is a chapel, given to the saint.

On this day, one must pray to the Lord and read prayers for marriage, union, family well-being and children. It is revered that the saint helps not only the representatives of the magnificent hollow, but also men. On this day, she prays to the Lord for us sinners, cursing him out for the fulfillment of our high desires.

On this day, it is more important to pave the day with your family, with your soul mate. You can ask a friend from a friend for forgiveness for what your crushing is worried about. It is revered that on such days the Lord can send us love, help us strengthen relationships.

On February 6, you can present the loving couples with an icon of St. Xenia of Petersburg. It is said to protect people from disease, quarrels and long separations. This will be a great treat for your wedding anniversary.

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