May 28, 2022
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Davos-2022: two Koshchei Immortals and one lady from the IMF

It has long been necessary to admit that Davos is a talking shop

On May 22-26, Davos, Switzerland hosted another annual meeting within the framework of the World Economic Forum (WEF). More than 2 thousand representatives from 50 countries of the world gathered.

For the first time since 1987, the Davos Forum took place without the participation of Russia (USSR). For the first time, the agenda was predominantly political rather than economic. The exception was the performance Kristalina Georgievaexecutive director of the IMF. Both of these features are due to the events in Ukraine; The “aggressor” and the “Evil Empire” have nothing to do at a meeting of representatives of the global elite.

The most heard in the many-voiced rumble of Davos-2022 were the voices of two participants, whom journalists dubbed “patriarchs” and even “Koshchei the Immortals”. We are talking about two elderly American figures – George Soros (91 years old) and Henry Kissinger (99 years old).

Soros remembered how everything started well after the collapse of the USSR, when he created funds in Russia and they worked great. Russia was turning into an “open society”, integrating into a “world democracy”. However, after the events of September 11, 2001, there were signs of a resurgence of totalitarianism; the bearer of these tendencies, Soros said, was President Putin. In parallel, a threat appeared in the east in the face of communist China.

The West should strengthen itself in the face of the Sino-Russian threat. Soros spoke specifically about Europe. The threat that comes from Russia through Ukraine should unite the European Union. We must move on to the next stage of integration – the creation of a European federation. Soros believes that European countries should completely transfer the solution of all political and military issues to the level of federal power in Brussels.

However, this was not the main thing in Soros’ speech. He called for an end to the war as soon as possible, having achieved a complete victory in Ukraine over Russia: “The best and perhaps the only way to save our civilization, said the elderly financial speculator, to defeat Putin as soon as possible. This is the essence“.

Kissinger, like Soros, fears a rapprochement between China and Russia, he also fears the conflict will escalate into a world war with the use of weapons of mass destruction, he is also in favor of an early end to the war in Ukraine, but then differences begin.

Kissinger proposed to end the war in Ukraine through peaceful negotiations: “The parties must be involved in peace talks within the next two months.– he said. – Otherwise, we will be faced with a situation where Russia may completely cut off its ties with Europe and seek a permanent alliance elsewhere. This will set us back decades. We must strive for long-term peace“.

Kissinger in the 1970s spent a lot of effort trying to, if not oppose the USSR and the PRC, then move them away from each other. And the last thing he wants is their rapprochement now.

As for negotiations with Moscow over Ukraine, Kissinger says, the West should be prepared to make significant territorial concessions in Ukraine. “The West should give up trying to achieve a military defeat for Russia in Ukraine, and the latter should make territorial concessions“, – said the patriarch of American diplomacy. Otherwise, the war in Ukraine against the Zelensky regime could turn into a war with the West. An experienced diplomat knows that it is impossible to defeat a nuclear power, and Russia is a nuclear superpower.

Kissinger suggests that the best way to end the conflict in Ukraine would be for it to become a neutral state that acts as a bridge between Russia and Europe.

As observers note, most of the summit participants supported Soros. Kissinger was considered obsolete. The reaction to Kissinger’s proposals was especially painful. Vladimir Zelensky (“in Davos, for example, Mr. Kissinger emerges from the deep past and says that supposedly it is necessary to give Russia a piece of Ukraine”). Speaking in Davos via video link, Zelensky called for victory on the military front, increasing Western assistance to Ukraine, and tightening economic sanctions against Moscow. The Ukrainian president wants to achieve a complete embargo on Russian oil, a complete ban on the access of all Russian banks to world financial systems, and a complete cessation of all trade with Russia. Zelensky called on all foreign companies that are still operating in Russia to stop their activities in this country.

Just as easily as Mr. Kissinger proposes to give Russia a part of Ukraine, he would allow Poland or Lithuania to be taken away. It’s good that the Ukrainians in the trenches don’t have time to listen to the advice of “Davos alarmists”. A little busy defending freedom and democracy”, the adviser to the head of the President’s Office mockingly commented on Kissinger’s words Mikhail Podolyak.

I think Kissinger’s plan is utopian for the reason that territorial concessions from Ukraine, forcing it to make these concessions, does not solve the main problem – the problem of demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. And without a solution to this problem, there will be no peace in Eastern Europe. And those who, like Soros, call to fight Russia “to the last Ukrainian,” do not understand that tomorrow they may have to fight “to the last European” and “to the last American.”

Another memorable participant in the Davos meeting was Kristalina Georgievahead of the IMF. She stated that the world economy had fallen into the worst state since the Second World War, noted unprecedented inflation, oil and natural gas shortages that turned into an energy crisis, expected food shortages and famine. And she mixed together what she presented as the main causes of the global crisis – the notorious “pandemic” and Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. Although the real cause of the crisis was not the military operation of the Russian Federation, but the most powerful economic sanctions of the West against Russia in post-war history. Georgieva avoided the issue that many WTO members violated the fundamental principle of this organization – the most favored nation treatment in trade, canceled by a number of countries for the Russian Federation. She also kept silent about the arrest of Russia’s foreign exchange reserves, which is also in blatant contradiction with the IMF charter.

It has long been necessary to recognize that Davos is a talking shop. And if earlier the organizers of Davos claimed to be the world center, now they are more reminiscent of the instigators of the world war.

P.FROM. And with the international blockade of Russia, the West is doing poorly. On June 26, the 1st Eurasian Economic Forum opened in Bishkek, which brought together 2,500 representatives from 15 countries, and in mid-June, the 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) will take place, in which more than 90 countries have already confirmed their participation.

Photo: REUTERS/Arnd Wigmann

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