Apr 1, 2021
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David Manukyan’s mother registered the DAVA trademark

12:17, 04/01/2021

Under the brand name of her son, a blogger’s relative will be able to produce clothes, music and crucifixes.

Since early 2021 career David Manukyan is developing rapidly. The 28-year-old blogger and musician has already released several new tracks, as well as performed at a large-scale solo concert, tickets for which were completely sold out. Amid the growing popularity of David, the blogger’s mother, Anna Manukyan, registered the DAVA trademark.

Anna has big plans for the new brand. Borger’s mother is going to produce a wide variety of products under the name of her son: clothes, jewelry and even crucifixes made of precious metals. In addition, Manukyan’s parent is going to closely connect with David’s musical career. As reported by the publication “MK” with a link to the Telegram channel Mash, it is Anna who will now manage the concerts of her offspring, as well as the filming of his music videos.

David Manukyan with his mother

It is worth noting that Manukyan’s mother supports her son not only in professional activities, but also in personal matters. So, the parent of the star could not stay away from the loud parting of David with the singer Olga Buzovoy… Recall that after the official announcement of the breakup of the couple in January of this year, the artist accused former lover in infidelity and assault. It was this statement of the ex-darling of Manukyan that the blogger’s relative could not ignore. Anna in a pretty harsh form commented on statement Buzova, in response, accusing her of libel and abuse of alcohol.

By the way, one of Olga’s parents also spoke publicly about the singer’s separation from David. Father Buzova commented Manukyan’s publication, with the help of which the blogger announced his new track titled “Zeroed Us”, which he dedicated to breaking up with the artist. In his commentary, a relative of Olga called on David to make peace with the singer, and also noted that Olga still suffers them because of their quarrel.

David Manukyan with his mother and Olga Buzova

We add that Buzova was going through parting with Manukyan especially hard. Soon after the end of her relationship with the blogger, the singer went to the wellness center to tidy up her physical and mental state. However, even numerous procedures did not help Olga get rid of insomnia and loss of appetite. In addition to health problems amid stress, the artist also repeatedly raised the topic of an affair with David in her microblog on Instagram, although in the video announcing the separation she stated that she was not going to publicize the details of their conflict.

For example, Buzova said that it was David who insisted on making their romance public – Olga herself wanted to keep her personal life away from society. In addition, the artist reportedthat she was ready to create a family with her former lover, but David did not want children from her. Interestingly, contrary to this statement, Manukyan often says that he is completely ready for fatherhood and dreams of a daughter.

David Manukyan with Olga Buzova

It is worth noting that Olga now appears to be determined to move on. The singer has not mentioned her former lover in public for a long time and, moreover, this month she announced that she is in a relationship again. Buzova did not disclose any details, but this recognition of the artist made the journalist watch Olga more closely. So, this week, a number of media outlets disseminated information that a blogger is the new chosen one of Buzova Artem Zuev… According to some publications, Zuev was seen on a date with Buzova. However, soon the blogger himself denied rumors about the artist’s new romance, saying that Olga is not in the photo next to him.

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