Jan 30, 2021
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David Manukyan, who parted with Olga Buzova, owes bailiffs more than a million rubles

22:16, 01/29/2021

The blogger did not fulfill the terms of the deal with the Novosibirsk realtors.

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27 year old David Manukyan aactively demonstrates expensive cars and beautiful pictures from trips to resorts on social networks. However, according to media reports, the image of a wealthy young man is just a fiction, but in fact the blogger is mired in debt. The journalists managed to find out that the star has long owed more than a million rubles to Novosibirsk realtors. At the moment, David is wanted by bailiffs.

Manukyan’s story with realtors from the blogger’s hometown began five years ago. In 2015, David signed an agreement with investors – the artist sold an apartment of 76 square meters in a building under construction for 1,050,000 rubles. The construction period came to an end, but Manukyan did not transfer the apartments to the buyers. Investors have repeatedly visited the construction site of the house to check the progress of the work. Realtors know that the buildings have already been completed. Moreover, other people are now living in the apartment that David sold them.

David Manukyan in the show “Evening Urgant”

Investors tried several times to contact Manukyan to clarify the situation, but David refuses to answer calls. The realtors sent a telegram to the blogger, but this did not help either – according to the website of the Lenin People’s Court, the defendant evaded receiving the plaintiff’s telegram. Later we found out that Manukyan found new buyers and resold the apartment to them. In 2019, there were active court hearings on this issue – it is noteworthy that it was in this year that David began to meet with Olga Buzovoy

As a result, the court took the side of the realtors, but Manukyan still has not paid the debt. According to one of the investors, at the moment he and a colleague are trying to figure out how to collect money from David. As the investor told the publication “KP”, it turned out that Manukyan has no property other than his microblog on Instagram with a multimillion audience. Even the luxury BMW car that David bragged about on social media last summer does not belong to the blogger.

David Manukyan, who parted with Olga Buzova, owes bailiffs more than a million rubles

By the way, for those who follow David Manukyan on social networks, the blogger’s rupture with Olga Buzova came as a surprise as the huge debts of the star – after all, in his microblog on Instagram, David willingly demonstrated a family idyll with the singer. Recall that the end of the relationship of the star couple Buzov stated January 22. The actress with tears in her eyes asked the fans not to ask for details of the conflict, and also urged everyone to block Manukyan on Instagram.

Despite her unwillingness to delve into the topic of breaking up with David, Olga still shared some information. Artist statedthat Manukyan raised his hands to her and cheated on her with other women. And the former lover of the singer, apparently, decided to actually keep silent – David gave short comment during the broadcast “Dancing with the Stars” a couple of days after the breakup, but did not go into details. The star said that the relationship with Buzova for him passed the stage.

David Manukyan with Olga Buzova

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