May 28, 2022
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David Manukyan spoke about the attacks of Olga Buzuova


Singer David Manukyan spoke about the rumors about himself.

Olga Buzova has been constantly throwing mud at her exes in recent years. Many fans have noticed that the desire for revenge has captured the star so much that it sometimes looks ridiculous.

Recently, at one of the awards, the TV presenter pricked her ex-boyfriend Davout and his new darling Marie Kraymbreri – for what, it is not clear. However, while the singer was ranting offensive epithets, both the rapper and Marie were sitting in the hall.

At the RU.TV awards, journalists asked the rapper how he reacts to this whole circus.

Olga Buzova and David Manukyan - photo from the archive -
Olga Buzova and David Manukyan – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

This is all a milestone! I don’t think about it and don’t remember!” Manukyan stated categorically.

By the way, Dava stubbornly does not confirm his romance with Marie. Although journalists often see them together.

Who told you that we are dating? Write? Yes, they just don’t write about me. Recently I read that I, it turns out, dye my beard“, – the blogger refuses.

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